I still remember you!

As the first finger of dawn touched the sky and birds twittered in the trees,
you would call me and tell me about your crazy and funny dreams.
Just to discuss physics, mathematics problems and your self-discovered theories,
you would wake me up in middle of my sleep and start off with your intellectual series.

We went bonkers, we went lame and that was all fun and good times of my life,
cause you were my companion, a shoulder to cry on and a partner in crime .
But when an event shakes the foundation of your beautiful friendship,
it can be hard to find a way to pick up the pieces and rebuild your relationship.

It’s so hard to watch you cry, and pretend I don’t feel a thing,
it’s so hard to carry on, like nothing is wrong and you still have everything.
Yes, we must ever be friends, the first, the truest, the nearest and dearest, we said,
regardless of how compatible you are at the height of the friendship, it may end .

Now, being around with you is a downer, you are negative and you are insulting,
and I think, I might be better off without your friendship, which is not worth keeping .
I was not angry with you, I was angry when I find myself alone,
with only memories around me and the silent wind that blows.

It is no secret I tell you, nor am I ashamed to declare those plain words I say
I have liked to be with you, to see you, to speak with you always.
Running through caverns of darkness, unheard, unseen and unfruitful;
much more to me was your friendship, I must tell you this truth.

When you know that your friend is everything to you, your strength, your world
you make significant headway towards getting back the friend you once had.
But sometimes, you wonder if the friendship is even worth the effort of saving it,
when your friend says, ”we simply drifted apart and that it’s your fault that it ended”.

Now, let us be what we are, and speak what we think, and keep ourselves loyal to truth,
cause now there’s load on my chest and, I have lost trust in you and all my strength.
Now, let us end this relation, this name sake friendship which is now a burden for you,
acknowledging the fact that you have walked out of my life without giving me a clue.

For there are moments in life, when the heart is so full of emotion,
when you let go a person, you love, you don’t feel any motion .
Now, I’ll re-discover myslef, I’ll try to trust people again, I’ll try to smile again without you,
if you weren’t meant to be, you won’t be and this is how life goes, so it’s better to let it go.

Here thinking about you and penning down all my thoughts and emotion I had for you,
simply because the mind doesn’t show but the heart says ‘I still remember you’.
I’ll always cherish those lovely moments I spent with you, crazy things I did with you,
times when you were to pick me up when I stumble and fall , cause I still remember you.

– Kritika Vashist


The Violent thoughts, please be silent.

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As soon as the alarm clock screamed in my left ear, I woke up and rolled out of my bed. The gleam of the sunlight was entering through a crack in the window. I mildly opened the door of my balcony to inhale pure and true freshness of the 4pm air. I was already having a joyous feel, and by embracing the sunlight with the shimmer of the bulb chains decorating the neighbor’s houses, I felt the beauty of the place. I did my morning namaaz, took my shower and wore a plane white kurta-pajama which my grandmother gifted me. I went down stairs to look if everyone was ready with their luggage and kids. We all sat down in our veranda for the breakfast served by my ammi and my choti ammi. As I sat crossed legged comfortably on that pale red mat with my plate, I realized how euphoric the moment was, the faces of my family were glowing, and a beatific smile decorating it perfectly. While my ammi was serving us the food, I looked at her wrist, adorned with new red and green bangles. Admiring the beauty I was reminded of a poem.

“Their shining loads to the temple fairs
Who will buy these delicate, bright
Rainbow-tinted circles of light?
Lustrous tokens of radiant lives
For happy daughters and happy wives.”

Eid was here. Happiness and love, was all around. We had decided to visit our very old Maszid that day, to pray for health and happiness, to celebrate this festival on the land from where we belonged. I had a smile on my face with a thought, that Allah is great; because of his blessings this trip has been arranged.

We were 30. Family, neighbors and friends; captivated by the love of God, and enraptured by the music of love and joy around. Everyone boarded the bus. I asked the driver to clean the dusty roof and helped him to strap the luggage with a withered piece of rope. Our driver, Akhtar closed his eye, did his prayer for a minute and started off the bus.

The journey to the holy place started with the prayers. We all sand the songs of God.  We shared the good experiences, good times of our lives. The moment became so ecstatic. I felt like singing a Rumi poem. The poem was  “All religions are but one.”
“Since the object of praise is one,
from this point of view,
all religions are but one religion.
Know that all praise belongs to the Light of God
and is only lent to created forms and beings.
Should people praise anyone but the One
who alone deserves to be praised?
But they go astray in useless fantasy.
The Light of God in relation to phenomena
is like light shining upon a wall —
the wall is but a focus for these splendors.”

Everyone in the bus appreciated it, because the lesson it teaches is very deep.  After I finished singing the poem, the driver informed us that we have reached half the way.

My mother unpacked the snacks and distributed among all. I thought that the driver must also be hungry and tired, and I went into the cabin to offer him some food. As I entered the cabin and sat near the window seat on the left side of the bus, I noticed few creases of fear on his face. He was driving safely but something was bothering him. I offered him  water. He drank the water but refused to eat. Seeing his uneasiness, I asked him, “Is anything worng, Akhtar? I see you are in dithers.”  He tried to resist but I continued to ask him the same question over and over again, until I got my answer.  With an unsteady voice, he replied, “Bhaijaan, I think that there is some problem with the engine. While driving I can feel the pressure on me. I am not sure but this can be a serious fault. I promised to Allah that I will make you all reach safely, but I am afraid.”

His voice, his facial expression made me nervous. I couldn’t gather enough courage to inform this to everyone who was travelling with us. The delighted look on their faces flashed my mind. I thought they all will become overwrought on hearing a bad news. I didn’t want them to know about it. I asked Akhtar to stop the bus near a Dhabba. The idea was to check the fault in the engine without getting noticed by any passenger.

The moment I stood up to open the door of the cabin, I hear a sparking noise, and within a second, the bus got exploded.

Now, when I am writing this I remember how painful, how disastrous it was.  I lost my family and friends. I was in tears that didn’t seem to stop. Me, and two uncles somehow, by our Allah’s grace survived. I still remember the dark black bodies of my Ammi, Abbu and two younger brothers. The dark orange flame swallowed them completely. The blood was spilled on the floor of the bus as if someone has painted the floor of the bus with dark red paint. The low whines of babies. These voices and the scenes of this accident give me goosebumps even now.

The accident took place near a village where majority of villagers were Hindu. I was fortunate enough that some of the villagers took me and informed the police nearby. Since the blood was covering my body and I could barely speak a word, the investigation started by the guesses of the people around.  My recovery took around 2 weeks. One day, lying on the bed of the hospital, I asked the nurse to give me the newspaper.  She brought the English newspaper with a cup of tea. I kept tea cup aside and unfolded the newspaper. There was a  news about this incident on the left side of page 3. It read, “The bus got was fired by the villagers, 27 Muslims killed on Eid.”

I was shocked to read it. No, this did not happen. I t was a technical fault. How can they blame the villagers? How can they write anything without properly investigating?

I was furious after reading a fake news.  Just as I finished reading that article, I was informed that one of men who were luckily saved by villagers couldn’t bear the pain of the machines, though the other man was still struggling with those machines, injections and medicines.

I was so much angry that I requested my doctor to call the police. I had to tell him about what actually happened that afternoon.

After 45 minutes of waiting, the police arrived. I explained them about the accident that happened because of the technical fault in the engine. They were surprised to hear the truth from me. He told me that since it was Eid that day and we were near a village with majority of Hindus, everyone concluded that this wasn’t an accident but a successful attempt to kill the Muslims.  I asked him how the media can print any news without properly knowing the truth.

The answer came clearly, “Look, son. We have seen riots. We have seen a human killing a human, a human burning a human, a human disrespecting a human’s religion. This kind of news is very usual nowadays. The violence is not created with the actions; it is created by our thoughts. If a Muslim gets killed, they blame Hindus, when a Hindu gets killed they blame Muslims.  Instead of knowing the situation, we all jump into a conclusion that the one who is not of our religion has killed the people of our religion. Now when such thoughts enter one’s mind, the next thing that happens is these thoughts and actions get politicalized. Politicians use them as a weapon to finish off their enemy, some to gain sympathy, some to show how secular they are. Before the police, before any politician, it’s the common man thoughts that cause such incidents. We all fail to see how these incidents arise, but are always ready to chop the heads of the people. I pray to God to give everyone kind and clear thoughts, to eliminate such violent and jealous thoughts. Once the thoughts are pure and clear, no wrong things will take place. “

For a silent minute I thought deeply whatever this man just said. It isn’t the fault of a single person; it is because of all human who believes in making themselves superior by showing the inferiority in others. Before a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, we all are humans, who breathes the same air, who lives on an equal land.  And then I remember a quote from Swami Vivekananda that, “As soon as a man stands up and says he is right or his church is right and all others are wrong, he is himself all wrong. He does not know that upon the proof of all the others depends the proof of his own.”

The police then apologized for not investigating sincerely, and informed the commissioner and media about the truth.  Correction was made in the next issue of the newspaper and an apology from the writer of that article was also taken.

I was in a relief that no Hindu was killed or arrested for the crime they didn’t commit. I packed my bag and headed to my home, to smell the beauty of the place that was still lingering.
-Kritika Vashist

Chilly vibes!

 I got an eerie feeling when I entered into the chilly winds. 
I saw a man, coming out from the fog. 
I could hear the footsteps of that 6’1 inches tall man coming towards me. 
His face was clearly visible, and the next step on the land became effortless. 
A beam of the sun then fell on our faces, 
the smile bringing creases on his face was vivid, and that scary feeling went away.

…and all it asks for is love!

The sharp edges of that piece of iron supported by a piece of wood smashed my neck. I am one of those tall standing, living things of this Earth.

I was bleeding, bleeding with grief and pain. Bewailing the loss the man was doing to me as well as our mother. I didn’t speak, I thought, they knew how essential I am. I was the one who had given that man and his family selfless love, and all things they wished for. I was bleeding, yet wondering, what wrong did I do?

Whenever he needed to sit and relax, to breathe fresh and cool air, he would place a chair beneath me. His daughter would sit in front of me and would try to draw my green leaves on something that was made out of me. His son would hide behind my thick trunk while playing hide and seek, and the man’s son’s friends would sometimes make me their cricket stumps. His wife would come to pluck some flowers for her daily prayer. His father would get up early in the morning, and would water me and my friends around, and then he and his wife would take the first sip of their morning tea, on their relaxing chair, enjoying the light rays of sun falling on our faces. The house maid would sometimes use me as a hanger to hang wet clothes. The birds around would sit and chirp, entertaining me with their melodious songs. Cooper would come around me just to pee, but he would also sit under my shed when it rains, and would embrace the serenity.
While standing there, I feel, how much love I have earned in all these years. I never asked that little princess to hug me, but she did every day after coming back from school. All of them have been so kind, why are they now smashing me?  I was bleeding, yet wondering, what wrong did I do?

“Dad, why are you chopping it?.”

“Dear, I have bought a new car for myself this Diwali, we don’t have space to park it, and hence I need to remove this thing.”

“How can you remove it just because you have to park a car? You can use the street where everyone parks their car.”

“You don’t need to tell me. Go and do your work.”

The little girl with eyes full of tears goes inside, getting noticed by her elder brother.

“Dad, please stop it. Who gave you the idea of smashing it? Please, dad. Stop,” came the furious boy.

I was happy to see those kids trying to save me from dying. A hope was there, because of their love and altruistic nature.

“Dad, do you even realize that the thing that you are holding in your hand is a part of this tree, maybe the iron is cutting it, but the wood is holding it. The tree still doesn’t complain. Do you realize that the pollution, the car will be exhaling will kill us one day, but because of this tree, we have a surety to survive. Still you think that parking of your car is more worth than this tree? You bought a car this Diwali, and you will kill someone on Diwali, is it justified? The land where you are standing, the air that you are breathing, the shadow that you are getting from its leaves, all this is hers, our mother earth. Why are we making her condition more worse? You sit with friends in person or online, complaints about Global Warming, and what you actually do, you cut down a tree. Like each person makes a difference to a community or a country, each tree does the same. You help Maira to draw a tree on her notebook, you tell its function to her , but in the end what you actually teach, to cut that tree down. I have promised myself to plant a tree this Diwali, I have been telling my friends to do the same, I won’t let you do cut this tree, dad,” explained the boy to the man holding an axe to kill me.

The axe fell from the hands of the man, before saying anything to his son; he sat on his knees, smoothing his hands around the area he smashed. After 3 minutes, the son came and sat near his dad.

“You have always taught us to love the nature, that’s the reason this tree is here for years. Don’t let things burn your emotions, don’t let them affect your kindness,” said the son, comforting the man.

The man then picked up the axe and brought the watering can and watered me, hugged his son and little daughter and promised to plant a tree.

They thought, I couldn’t hear, or feel, but I was. I was overwhelmed by the gesture. I was moved away buy their affection. The birds came and sat on my branches, spreading the fragrance of their chirping. Maira came and hugged me. It was all ecstatic.
I never wish for something, all I ask for is love.

-Kritika Vashist


Guarding the source of life!

Look at those soldiers at the border protecting the nation despite of extreme hot and cold weather. Look at the guard of your apartment, giving up his sleep to protect you, look at that younger boy who broils at a teaser to protect his sister.
Guarding can be a job or a responsibility, but it is essential, essential to survive. For a simple minute look at yourself and ask, have you ever been responsible enough to protect the source of life? Have you ever realized the importance of safeguarding that price-less and endless source of life?

God has gifted us the most beautiful, loving and caring thing. We call it Nature. Since the beginning, tress has provided us with countless essentials. Some of them are food, oxygen, parks, playgrounds, shelter, medicines, tools, fresh and pollution free air. Their role is inexplicable. Technically, economically and socially, their importance and contribution to the human kind is meritorious. They are the perfect epitome of a thing which believes in serving selflessly and asking nothing in return. But that does make us feckless? No, certainly not. We as the human have a duty to safeguard them, to love and care for them as a gratitude to their services.

The environment issues such as climatic changes, global warming, sea level rise, ocean acidification, habitat destruction, heating up lands, anoxic water, soil contamination, water crisis, marine debris, poor air quality, deforestation and the list continues…
These issues are still being tackled by various environmentalist and industrialist, but what if each one of us dedicate ourselves to protect our plants? Have you ever wondered how much difference can each one of us make just by being a sincere friend of them?

We have been feathering our own nest at the cost of these tall and straight standing trees. We have forgotten our responsibility. We show become blind and overlook their suffering. Since childhood we are taught about the importance of trees, the love they shower on us, the beauty they add to our lives. There are various programs held every year, every month where we discuss about how can we make the planet green again, to teach the young how to protect your dear friends, to encourage ever person to plant a tree, but still we fail to leave an impact of the good doing. Why? Why, because we have to be sincere, each one us. We have to stand tall just like them, hugging them and safeguarding them from an axe or hatchet.

Start from today.

Try to use both side of the sheets.
Use newspapers to pack materials.
Volunteer for a day to plant trees.
Use paper wisely.
Plant a tree in your area.
Make a cloth napkin.
Use eco friendly stainless steel lunch boxes.
Buy recycled toilet papers.
Don’t use trees as fuel before they die.
Creating awareness among people and importance of trees.
Make a space reusable paper.
Borrow, share and donate books.
Make sure you don’t leave the campfire before it is completely out.

Most importantly, be a fan, a friend and a lover of trees. Plant one, to save one. Image

…and it ended.

They say your heart starts beating faster and you get butterflies in your stomach when you see your love. But when I see him, this beautiful world gets more beautiful, the land becomes the sky and I see him through the moonlight falling on our faces – nothing less than paradise.

The feeling is inexplicable when I am with him. I don’t find enough word to say how I feel, I want the time to freeze, so that this moment lasts forever, my heart beats so loud that I can hear it, eyes shine brighten than the stars, the passionate moment strengthen me within, I feel high, wishing to look at him constantly with a smile.

That day wasn’t a pleasing day for me, but it was not a worthless day too. It was noxious to my heart, nothing more. I swear, I was never incertitude of his love. From a formal handshake to the tightest hug, it was all magnificent, and I can remember it as one of the beautiful days of my life. I can still express how I felt, how I knew I was in love. 

I was looking at the sky, beautiful and divine. It seemed to be deeper than the sea, more peaceful than silence and gorgeous than any angel. It appeared as a painting on a canvas, with simple colors well framing it. For me this was unusual, I never felt so much happiness just by embracing the sky. I felt eternal happiness, happiness of being in love, happiness to know that someone loves me with all his heart. The feeling of being a jerk in love was enough to make me jubilant. With a new hope, I imagined myself as a bird in the sky which flies elegantly and happily, and the sky cuddling that little bird warmly. 

I can still remember little things that he did for me. The chocolate bar at a restaurant, that 6 feet long sub he made me eat and a rose at our first official date. There are things that I miss, and I know, I can never get them back. Ice tea made by him, my alarm clock for a nap, the only person to hear my endless talks. 
There are be so many memories to pen down, but they are like long days and endless nights, the more you think, the more you want to write. 

If only I could count how many times I kept posted my mind that the road has taken a turn and I can no longer go straight, there is nothing, and I have to take this turn, I have no choice. 
When we can’t stop loving a person, we try to hate them. Fights were a way to do the unwanted. Despite of sharp and harsh words, I couldn’t do it. Later I realized that hate wasn’t a right way. The only honest way to get the true picture in my head was to accept the reality. It was hard but it was necessary for me as well as for him.

I have stopped telling myself that I love him. I hope this works. There is a reason, a good reason behind everything. Not today, but eventually I would know.Image

From a boy who …

From a boy who sold newspaper to add to his father’s income to the most successful and respected statesman bagging the highest post in the nation.
The man who always showed respect and love for all religion. The man who worked hard throughout his life, to fulfill his parent’s dreams, to show his gratitude for his brother-in-law and his loving sister who gave up everything for his education. The man who took rocket science to another level. The man who put all his heart to contribute towards the development of the nation. The man who’s first love is Science and Technology. The man who has inspired thousands of lives.
From a child running along the sea side of Rameshwaram to a man walking through the Rashtrapati Bhavan.
A benevolent man, a remarkable professor and a great leader, whose smile brings joy to everyone.
I here, wish this dynamic personality, Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam a very Happy Birthday.
Wish you a long and a healthy life, sir.

Review-The Whit…

Review-The White Tiger

A poor is innocent and a villager is stupid. He breathes fresh air when he is the darkness but he can’t breathe when he comes to the light. He literally and emotionally suffocates. That’s how a poor villager life goes. The city corrupts them, makes them debauchery. The desire to live a rich life makes them do wrong things. But they don’t regret because for them those were necessary tasks to put a chandelier on the roof of their hall and one in the bathroom too. From school to a tea-stall, from tea-stall to a driver, from a village to a city, from darkness to light, from innocent to corrupt. From an ordinary boy to a WHITE TIGER, this books tells you about an incredible journey of a poor, black-skinned skinny villager. Bold, sardonic and authentic. 
PS. It is not made in China. 

The White Tiger- Aravind Adiga

Meet three best and true friends of your Life.

A friend is someone who is always there for us, in happiness, in sadness, in despair, in need, in hell or in paradise. A friend boosts you with confident when you fail, he is that one person who brings out the best in you, who doesn’t limits his love and care for you, who holds your hand tight and promise never to leave. A friend can be anyone, it can be your mother, you father, your teacher, your mentor and you, are your first friend.

But life is uncertain and because of unforeseeable circumstances, a pair of loving hands that were always ready to hold you leaves you. When grief surrounds you and you try to rebuild yourself again because you are assured that who has guided you, who has brought happiness would have never wanted you to collapse in a heap.
Is it so easy to shrug away the sadness? No, certainly not. And hence, we need someone to answer us when we are in doubts, someone to turn us into a confident person from a fret, from groggy into a strong person.

There are these three true friends who will flog a dead horse for you. They are altruistic, considerate and self-giving.  They will never leave you if you are true to them.
(Hey. They won’t whatsapp or skype with you but they definitely will help you out.)

  1. God:  Before I explain how God is your friend, please note that God is God and religion is not God. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow, you should know the fact that there is one God. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in his book ‘My journey’ wrote that his mentor, Jalalludin was a devout man. For him, God was a friend. God would present a solution if we speak to him about our dilemmas. But Dr. Kalam thought that there can only be one entity that can listen to different prayers in different languages at different places.
    We should adopt such kind of thought process. Whenever you feel low, stressed, all you have to do is sit and meditate. Speak to him keeping your trust and faith in him and he will show you the way.
    (We all are educated and hence, we should not confuse prayers with superstitions. God doesn’t ask for money or food, serve him with devotion and happiness.)
  2. Nature: Nature is a god-gifted friend. It has served us for years and shall continue to do so; all it asks for is care. Now how do we make nature our friend?
    You find this friend in different avatars. As sea, as a tree, as birds, as a light and so many other forms. When you talk to nature, it speaks in different voices. When you are tensed and you feel the need to relax yourself, go on a walk, breathe the air, and listen to the birds chirping. Embrace the peace around you. Doing Let the warmth of the sun wash over your face, feel the coolness of the air and see the beauty of the nature around. Walking on quiet roads or by the seaside, listening to the sea. Look at that tall tree, standing tall and strong. Take inspiration from the nature and add it to your daily routine. This will get back to you into the swing of the world.
  3. Books: I don’t even need to tell that how books revive us each time, what role they play in our life and thoughts it puts in our head. Books do not just guide us but they bring solace in sadness, uplift you and bring balance in thinking.
    Here, I talk about all kind of books including three holy books namely Gita, Kuran and Bible. They help you to find answers to questions that no one can answer. An example, Bhagwat Gita  2.47 says  “You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.’’
    The most beautiful and profound that I find In Gita is “See the flower hoe generously it distributes perfume and honey. When its work is done, it falls away quietly. Try to be like the flower, unassuming despite all its qualities.” It means that whatever task you have been given, complete it with all love and dedication and then think of new ideas and plans and new thoughts.
    Words from Kuran, ‘’Light upon light. Allah guides His light to whom He will.’ It means that work with dedication and optimism.Poems are the collection of words that describe your feeling and you assure yourself that the book knows you and will guide you well.

Here, read few very inspirational lines by Lewis Carroll,

“Let craft, ambition, spite,
Be quenched in Reason’s night,
Till weakness turn into might,
Till what is dark be light,
Till what is wrong is right!”

A book is always a friend. It gives you dreams, confidence, courage and touches your heart.


These three friends don’t care if you are ugly or boring, long or tall. They are your partner. Befriend spirituality, environment and words.

Written by:

Kritika Vashist


Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you are riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts; put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!

Bob Marley 

We are all struggling with our attitude towards life. There are people who wish for a peaceful life, a happy life, healthy life, a less stressful and most importantly a tension free life. You know where the problem lies? The problem is that we give all our time thinking and worrying about it and focus less and do not act upon it, we don’t try harder to fulfill what we wish.

There can be many ways to enlightened ourselves but, the essential is to develop our mind and our thought process. Mind is the most powerful tool we have with us. If we cultivate our mind, it will give us deep inner harmony. We are all born with same flesh and bones, yet only some are successful, joyful, and dynamic and contended. Have you ever wondered why? There is no difference; we all are born with some potential, we all posses great talents. The people who have successfully enlightened themselves are those who dive deeper into the sea to find a suitable shell. They are the ones who have nurtured their mind, body and soul, they have found out their true potential, they controlled their minds and achieve their dreams and desires. Remember, either mind controls you or you control it. The latter is recommended. Once you start controlling your mind, once you order your mind only to allow positive thoughts, I bet you can never fail in any task of your life.

If you ask how training of our mind can bring tremendous changes in our life styles, our way of thinking, I will say that this is an exercise and so, you have to do it daily. This is not something that will come up within a day or two.

> Imagine the picture of what you dream to become, what you want from your life. It serves as a blueprint and then you do every necessary activity to meet your dreams.
Remember that the boundaries of your life are self created but, when you remove the limit, when you expand your power of imagining, you know your worth and potential.
> There are 6,000 thoughts in our mind each day, a mix of negative and positives. However, our mind process one thought at a time. Now, what we should do is to replace all the negative thoughts with positive and joyful thoughts. Remember, we are the authors of our own life, the negative ruins the story and positive makes it a success. The richness of thoughts reflects the quality of life.
> Stop worrying about failures. Know this fact that no one has ever reached at the top without encountering failures in life. They don’t destroy you but, they build you. No event is positive or negative. Rather, you should learn from them. Worrying about it will degrade your mind and you will be on the stage, you never wanted to see yourself.

Now, once you have mastered your mind, put all your heart to the work you do. Put all your energy on what you truly love to do. Our mind do wonderful things, it attracts our desires only if we let, only if we you operate it efficiently. Once we master it, we attain happiness and peace.

“Mind is like any other muscle in your body. Use it or lose it.” – Robin S. Sharma

Written by:
Kritika Vashist