Without the darkness how would we recognize the light?

While I was writing an article on inspiration, someone knocked the door of my room.It was my younger brother. He entered with a low-spirited, depressing and unsatisfactory face. “Didi, I again got less marks. Even you know that I worked really hard this time. But they are not up to the expectations. Mom and dad have high hopes from me. I don’t think I’ll ever become a good and a successful man in life.”

I heard him. My own brother is depressed and miserable and I am going to inspire other people? How that can be even possible. You can’t make others surroundings better if yours are not good. I paused, I thought for a second.
“Didi, are you even listening to me?”
I smiled at him and told him to relax and listen to my each word with all attention. I didn’t want him to lose his confidence, his talents and I didn’t want him to be the one who suffers and cries in a corner, in the darkness. Getting low marks wasn’t a big issue but such small issues and fear are enough to ruin our future, our thought process and the way we carry different situations in our life.
“Why are you worrying about it so much? Relax. Do you remember that I failed in one of my exams? The girl who always topped the exam, failed to pass one subject. It was saddening, it was depressing. Even I thought that I won’t be able to do well in the subject ever. But then I came across a story of a man. He was one ordinary man but his will power, his hardwork and most importantly his dedication made him what he wanted to be, what he aimed to be. There came many obstacles and countless failures but he did not stop. You know what is most important in life? *Silence of 10 seconds* Okay. Let me tell you. What is most important in life is to KEEP MOVING, come what may. Earth keeps revolving around the sun, day comes after each night and similarly our lives keep moving. When our life doesn’t stop, why should we? Keep on moving with full confidence; this is what I learnt from this man. So the story of this successful man goes like this.
This was the man who failed in business at the age of 21, was defeated in a legislative race at 22, failed again in business at 24, overcame the death of his sweetheart at 26, had a nervous breakdown at 27, lost a congressional race at 34, lost a senatorial race at 45, failed in a effort to become vice-president at 47, lost senatorial race at 49, and was elected president of the US at 52. This man was ABRAHAM LINCOLN. He could have quit. But to him defeat was a detour and a dead end. We need to learn to become victors, not victims. Fear and doubt on your skills, capability, and confidence degrade your mind that affects us in every task or any ordinary work we do.”
“Getting less marks or failing in exams doesn’t end your life but it prepares you for further difficulties. It pumps confidence in you and boost your self esteem. They can’t judge your knowledge or your capabilities. You know what you are capable of. There are things you excel in and your friends do not. It about how good you feel about yourself, how much confidence you have on yourself and how determined you are. Once you get these things in your head, crossing rough paths of your life becomes easy. Always remember that whenever you feel things are getting better, know that your hard work is paying off because nothing gets better own its own, it’s you who makes it. Try to understand the subject you are reading, try to get what it teaches and then gradually you will get confidence and you will excel. You will come running and shouting, ‘Mom, dad and didi. Look I got good grades. I did it’,”
“Life is a race, you run, walk or crawl but you don’t stop. You need to reach that finish line and that should be your ultimate aim.  There will be obstacles but you will challenge the, you will face them and then you will win.”
“Sweetheart, keep learning, keep getting inspired from every little things you see or you hear. Don’t ever lose confidence. Keep wearing the smile and do your work with full attention and dedication. Nothing in life will pull you down then. Promise me you will do your homework and your test religiously?”
“Yes, Didi. I promise. I will.”
I kissed him goodnight and again started off with my work telling myself “this is more inspirational than what I thought of. Thank you, brother.”


So little so much I did.

Inch by inch I made a garden full of flowers,
It doesn’t end here but it starts. Image
I am not an artist but I draw you on a sheet of a paper,
keeping it close to the heart.
I adjust the strings of my guitar, try to sing a song on you,
it’s not melody but I am playing for you.
I can’t buy expensive gifts, you are priceless for me,
it’s the pencil marks on the sheet I am sending you.
I baked this cake for you, lighted up the candle,
you aren’t here but does it makes your day better?
I painted our love on an ordinary looking sheet,
you aren’t missing it, but I hope we meet.
I am not an architect but I warm the house thinking you will be coming,
I sat outside the door with a sheet to draw a scene of us hugging.