So little so much I did.

Inch by inch I made a garden full of flowers,
It doesn’t end here but it starts. Image
I am not an artist but I draw you on a sheet of a paper,
keeping it close to the heart.
I adjust the strings of my guitar, try to sing a song on you,
it’s not melody but I am playing for you.
I can’t buy expensive gifts, you are priceless for me,
it’s the pencil marks on the sheet I am sending you.
I baked this cake for you, lighted up the candle,
you aren’t here but does it makes your day better?
I painted our love on an ordinary looking sheet,
you aren’t missing it, but I hope we meet.
I am not an architect but I warm the house thinking you will be coming,
I sat outside the door with a sheet to draw a scene of us hugging.


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