Meet three best and true friends of your Life.

A friend is someone who is always there for us, in happiness, in sadness, in despair, in need, in hell or in paradise. A friend boosts you with confident when you fail, he is that one person who brings out the best in you, who doesn’t limits his love and care for you, who holds your hand tight and promise never to leave. A friend can be anyone, it can be your mother, you father, your teacher, your mentor and you, are your first friend.

But life is uncertain and because of unforeseeable circumstances, a pair of loving hands that were always ready to hold you leaves you. When grief surrounds you and you try to rebuild yourself again because you are assured that who has guided you, who has brought happiness would have never wanted you to collapse in a heap.
Is it so easy to shrug away the sadness? No, certainly not. And hence, we need someone to answer us when we are in doubts, someone to turn us into a confident person from a fret, from groggy into a strong person.

There are these three true friends who will flog a dead horse for you. They are altruistic, considerate and self-giving.  They will never leave you if you are true to them.
(Hey. They won’t whatsapp or skype with you but they definitely will help you out.)

  1. God:  Before I explain how God is your friend, please note that God is God and religion is not God. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow, you should know the fact that there is one God. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in his book ‘My journey’ wrote that his mentor, Jalalludin was a devout man. For him, God was a friend. God would present a solution if we speak to him about our dilemmas. But Dr. Kalam thought that there can only be one entity that can listen to different prayers in different languages at different places.
    We should adopt such kind of thought process. Whenever you feel low, stressed, all you have to do is sit and meditate. Speak to him keeping your trust and faith in him and he will show you the way.
    (We all are educated and hence, we should not confuse prayers with superstitions. God doesn’t ask for money or food, serve him with devotion and happiness.)
  2. Nature: Nature is a god-gifted friend. It has served us for years and shall continue to do so; all it asks for is care. Now how do we make nature our friend?
    You find this friend in different avatars. As sea, as a tree, as birds, as a light and so many other forms. When you talk to nature, it speaks in different voices. When you are tensed and you feel the need to relax yourself, go on a walk, breathe the air, and listen to the birds chirping. Embrace the peace around you. Doing Let the warmth of the sun wash over your face, feel the coolness of the air and see the beauty of the nature around. Walking on quiet roads or by the seaside, listening to the sea. Look at that tall tree, standing tall and strong. Take inspiration from the nature and add it to your daily routine. This will get back to you into the swing of the world.
  3. Books: I don’t even need to tell that how books revive us each time, what role they play in our life and thoughts it puts in our head. Books do not just guide us but they bring solace in sadness, uplift you and bring balance in thinking.
    Here, I talk about all kind of books including three holy books namely Gita, Kuran and Bible. They help you to find answers to questions that no one can answer. An example, Bhagwat Gita  2.47 says  “You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.’’
    The most beautiful and profound that I find In Gita is “See the flower hoe generously it distributes perfume and honey. When its work is done, it falls away quietly. Try to be like the flower, unassuming despite all its qualities.” It means that whatever task you have been given, complete it with all love and dedication and then think of new ideas and plans and new thoughts.
    Words from Kuran, ‘’Light upon light. Allah guides His light to whom He will.’ It means that work with dedication and optimism.Poems are the collection of words that describe your feeling and you assure yourself that the book knows you and will guide you well.

Here, read few very inspirational lines by Lewis Carroll,

“Let craft, ambition, spite,
Be quenched in Reason’s night,
Till weakness turn into might,
Till what is dark be light,
Till what is wrong is right!”

A book is always a friend. It gives you dreams, confidence, courage and touches your heart.


These three friends don’t care if you are ugly or boring, long or tall. They are your partner. Befriend spirituality, environment and words.

Written by:

Kritika Vashist



Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you are riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts; put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!

Bob Marley 

We are all struggling with our attitude towards life. There are people who wish for a peaceful life, a happy life, healthy life, a less stressful and most importantly a tension free life. You know where the problem lies? The problem is that we give all our time thinking and worrying about it and focus less and do not act upon it, we don’t try harder to fulfill what we wish.

There can be many ways to enlightened ourselves but, the essential is to develop our mind and our thought process. Mind is the most powerful tool we have with us. If we cultivate our mind, it will give us deep inner harmony. We are all born with same flesh and bones, yet only some are successful, joyful, and dynamic and contended. Have you ever wondered why? There is no difference; we all are born with some potential, we all posses great talents. The people who have successfully enlightened themselves are those who dive deeper into the sea to find a suitable shell. They are the ones who have nurtured their mind, body and soul, they have found out their true potential, they controlled their minds and achieve their dreams and desires. Remember, either mind controls you or you control it. The latter is recommended. Once you start controlling your mind, once you order your mind only to allow positive thoughts, I bet you can never fail in any task of your life.

If you ask how training of our mind can bring tremendous changes in our life styles, our way of thinking, I will say that this is an exercise and so, you have to do it daily. This is not something that will come up within a day or two.

> Imagine the picture of what you dream to become, what you want from your life. It serves as a blueprint and then you do every necessary activity to meet your dreams.
Remember that the boundaries of your life are self created but, when you remove the limit, when you expand your power of imagining, you know your worth and potential.
> There are 6,000 thoughts in our mind each day, a mix of negative and positives. However, our mind process one thought at a time. Now, what we should do is to replace all the negative thoughts with positive and joyful thoughts. Remember, we are the authors of our own life, the negative ruins the story and positive makes it a success. The richness of thoughts reflects the quality of life.
> Stop worrying about failures. Know this fact that no one has ever reached at the top without encountering failures in life. They don’t destroy you but, they build you. No event is positive or negative. Rather, you should learn from them. Worrying about it will degrade your mind and you will be on the stage, you never wanted to see yourself.

Now, once you have mastered your mind, put all your heart to the work you do. Put all your energy on what you truly love to do. Our mind do wonderful things, it attracts our desires only if we let, only if we you operate it efficiently. Once we master it, we attain happiness and peace.

“Mind is like any other muscle in your body. Use it or lose it.” – Robin S. Sharma

Written by:
Kritika Vashist

They say your h…

They say your heart starts beating faster and you get butterflies in your stomach when you see your love. But when I see you,this beautiful world gets more beautiful, the land becomes the sky and I see you through the moonlight falling on our faces, nothing less than a paradise.
The feeling is inexplicable when you are with him. You don’t find enough word to say how you feel, you want the time to freeze, so that this moment lasts forever, your heart beats so loud that you can hear it, your eyes shine brighten than the stars, the passionate moment
strengthen you within, you feel high and you want to look at him constantly with a smile.

Written by me. 

Be the Change, to see the Change.

When few were celebrating the happiness of finally hearing the Delhi Gang Rape Verdict, stating that all four accused sentenced to death and few coming out of their houses and dancing on the streets after BJP announces Narendra Modi as their PM candidate. When Raghuram Rajan takes over as RBI Governor and revived dead hopes of Indians. When the newspaper reads that there is a slight dip in the India’s Infant Mortality Rate. 13th September, 2013, perhaps everything is going well. No, wait. Not everything is fine. Remember that one should always look at the other side of the story too. India, one of the most religiously diverse nations in the world still struggles for peace. Incidents of communal violence have increased in the country. While 410 incidents occurred in the country in the last year, this year, till now, 451 incidents have taken place. 9,000 villages in Bihar have been left in the darkness because of the burnt transformers which has not been replaced. While I read the news on the right column of page no.5 of the newspaper that security for women has improved and CM says that Delhi Police is now more vigilant, the left column of the same page says “10 women complain of molestation daily. Number of rape cases crossed the 1,000 mark, a staggering 2,400 cases of molestation have been registered.’’ The irony is as clear as red ink marks on a student’s answer sheet.

Does it end here? Not yet. It is just the news for a day.
When you ask yourself, what’s so wrong with our country? Is it because of the politicians? Is it because of lack of governance? Is it because of corruption?
There can be many reasons, some reason which might not have crossed our mind.

I wonder how great statesmen like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna, Jawahar Lal Nehru, APJ Abdul Kalam and many more were able to serve this country with utmost devotion and wholeheartedly, earnestness and truthfulness. I guess, I can never stop adding more adjectives to describe these men. Now when I look at the condition of our nation, the aim of our politicians, I feel disappointed. They make us dumbfound and leave the country in lurch. The only thing that has changed in all these years is the dedication. These days our government and the authorities have become nefarious. Red-tape, corruption is served more than poor. The government statistics shows that we are growing, but, are we? We are still, very far away from reaching our true potential.

But a country is made from its citizens and if each citizen of the country performs his duties well and with sincerity there would be less complications and trouble in the country’s social, political and economic growth. So, as a citizen of the country we should recall all our duties towards our nation and ask ourselves what little have we done to our country? How we have contributed to its growth? How we wish to see our nation in the coming years?
To explain this I would like to take two examples.
1. A recent contestant from KBC, show hosted by Amitabh Bachan, said that he works in telecommunication and this job for him is satisfying and contented as he is able to contribute a little towards his country’s progress. I wonder why we still have not adopted such sort of thinking.
2. While studying economics, I asked my teacher about how can we help in appreciation in the rupee and her answer was “Little you can do is not to buy product of foreign countries. Even single person can a make a difference.’’

This is how you can do a bit. Before pointing out which political party is corrupt, let’s introspect and ask ourselves are we clean? Are we not corrupt?

One more question that comes to my mind is that is it possible to take a country to a great height with unenthusiastic and negative mindset?  The words that now I am going to write will at least make you optimistic and favorable.
APJ Abdul Kalam in his book ‘My Journey’ has said that one should always be optimistic. His father had a ferry business and because of tsunami the boats were destroyed by the ocean every time but the look on his father’s face was an acknowledgement of the power of nature. There are larger forces that can crush our dreams and plans in the blink of an eye but you have to face those troubles and rebuild your life. But how we act nowadays is just opposite of what his father did. We have limited our thought process; and whatever the situation may be, we tend to see the negative side of it first. Like tsunami, our country has faced many economic instability and crisis but if we keep an optimistic perspective it will aid all of them.

I will conclude by mentioning a quote by Rabbi Israel Salanter, “ 
“Now, as an old man, I realize the only thing I can change is myself, and suddenly I realize that if long ago I had changed myself, I could have made an impact on my family. My family and I could have made an impact on our town. Their impact could have changed the nation and I could indeed have changed the world.” 

So be the change, to see the change.

Written by,

Kritika Vashist