Review-The Whit…

Review-The White Tiger

A poor is innocent and a villager is stupid. He breathes fresh air when he is the darkness but he can’t breathe when he comes to the light. He literally and emotionally suffocates. That’s how a poor villager life goes. The city corrupts them, makes them debauchery. The desire to live a rich life makes them do wrong things. But they don’t regret because for them those were necessary tasks to put a chandelier on the roof of their hall and one in the bathroom too. From school to a tea-stall, from tea-stall to a driver, from a village to a city, from darkness to light, from innocent to corrupt. From an ordinary boy to a WHITE TIGER, this books tells you about an incredible journey of a poor, black-skinned skinny villager. Bold, sardonic and authentic. 
PS. It is not made in China. 

The White Tiger- Aravind Adiga


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