Guarding the source of life!

Look at those soldiers at the border protecting the nation despite of extreme hot and cold weather. Look at the guard of your apartment, giving up his sleep to protect you, look at that younger boy who broils at a teaser to protect his sister.
Guarding can be a job or a responsibility, but it is essential, essential to survive. For a simple minute look at yourself and ask, have you ever been responsible enough to protect the source of life? Have you ever realized the importance of safeguarding that price-less and endless source of life?

God has gifted us the most beautiful, loving and caring thing. We call it Nature. Since the beginning, tress has provided us with countless essentials. Some of them are food, oxygen, parks, playgrounds, shelter, medicines, tools, fresh and pollution free air. Their role is inexplicable. Technically, economically and socially, their importance and contribution to the human kind is meritorious. They are the perfect epitome of a thing which believes in serving selflessly and asking nothing in return. But that does make us feckless? No, certainly not. We as the human have a duty to safeguard them, to love and care for them as a gratitude to their services.

The environment issues such as climatic changes, global warming, sea level rise, ocean acidification, habitat destruction, heating up lands, anoxic water, soil contamination, water crisis, marine debris, poor air quality, deforestation and the list continues…
These issues are still being tackled by various environmentalist and industrialist, but what if each one of us dedicate ourselves to protect our plants? Have you ever wondered how much difference can each one of us make just by being a sincere friend of them?

We have been feathering our own nest at the cost of these tall and straight standing trees. We have forgotten our responsibility. We show become blind and overlook their suffering. Since childhood we are taught about the importance of trees, the love they shower on us, the beauty they add to our lives. There are various programs held every year, every month where we discuss about how can we make the planet green again, to teach the young how to protect your dear friends, to encourage ever person to plant a tree, but still we fail to leave an impact of the good doing. Why? Why, because we have to be sincere, each one us. We have to stand tall just like them, hugging them and safeguarding them from an axe or hatchet.

Start from today.

Try to use both side of the sheets.
Use newspapers to pack materials.
Volunteer for a day to plant trees.
Use paper wisely.
Plant a tree in your area.
Make a cloth napkin.
Use eco friendly stainless steel lunch boxes.
Buy recycled toilet papers.
Don’t use trees as fuel before they die.
Creating awareness among people and importance of trees.
Make a space reusable paper.
Borrow, share and donate books.
Make sure you don’t leave the campfire before it is completely out.

Most importantly, be a fan, a friend and a lover of trees. Plant one, to save one. Image


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