2014, I am ready!

Before I say write something “motivational”, I wish all you lovely people a Happy New Year. I should have written this article a little earlier, but it is never too late.

I was going through various updates on Facebook and articles on internet telling about what and how you should make the best out of this year. Even you must have come across such posts?

I won’t write long and again those typical inspirational long paragraphs, let’s do something different and interesting this time. You don’t need to put them into your “resolution of 2014 list”. Seeing the trend we have always failed to achieve most of the the things we wanted to do. The finest, practical and interesting thing you can do it this, that is, WRITING. You don’t need perfect grammar and classy vocabulary to tell yourself about things you have always wanted to do, to love yourself, to fill up the void of peace in your life.

Go to the market, buy a notebook and a pen for yourself. Typing is good, but remember writing is ecstasy. Do not show that to anyone but to yourself. Wake up early every morning, at least 20 minutes before your scheduled time. Do not pick your cell phone, do not switch on your computer, do not look into your big giant screen I-pads. Instead mediate for few minutes, think what productive you want to do today, what you want to achieve today, or what good work you have to start today. Once you are done with it, write down them on that notebook (do not worry if there are silly things you want to do, life is all about madness and weirdness). Now that you are done with it, tell yourself that you have to do it, come what may. Now before going back to sleep, open that notebook, mark the things you could do and tasks you failed at. Write what difficulties you came across or what talent of yours made you got through it, write what are the things that are needed to be inculcated in you, habits you should get rid off.  Isn’t this a better way than making a list of resolution and then realizing at the end of the year that you failed at it?

Write whatever you have on your mind; write about how good someone made you feel today, or how you fell for girl or a guy, how cheerful you were and everything. You might not always find someone to sit and listen to you when you are pouring your heart out, but friends remember that this notebook is that someone and it will be there always. It won’t ask you questions, won’t doubt you, but will always allow you to look through it and make you feel good about yourself; and believe me one day you will be doing awesome. Yes, there will be questions on your mind, and you will think that there is no one to answer them, but eventually you would get the answer, and this page is also with you, where you are always welcomed.

Also include reading time, watching a funny sitcom, listening music, going for a walk to embrace the peaceful nature in your to-do-list everyday. These are little things that should never be missing from your life. They nurture you. And hey, always leave a space at the bottom of the page, to give yourself good remarks 😉

Yep, few more simple things that you would want to have, like; No jealousy, Talking less but speaking more, Listening more and ignoring less, Laugh more and cry a little, loving yourself, giving your parents time(you will realize the worth of this time when you won’t be with them), make others laugh, respect everyone, feed some poor, party where you enjoy the company of your friends and not where you sit on some couch with a drink and cigarettes in hands, play a game you have never played before, write a poem for yourself, learn an instrument and love someone.

My notebook and pen is ready, is yours?

-Kritika Vashist