A Leaden Book

I opened a book and in I glide.

Now nobody finds me,

nothing disturbs the tranquility.


I’ve left that road, those songs, those places.

I’ve left your fictitious world behind me.


I’m holding on the faith,

But I’ve slipped on the promises.


I’m wearing the smile,

But I’ve swallowed the love poison.


I’ve dined with a prince, fought with a ruthless,

and I’ve went deep down in a bottomless ocean.


I’ve made memories, I’ve exchanged reminiscences.

I’ve shared tears and laughter.


I’ve followed the road with lump and hump,

for the happily ever after dream.


Soon this book will finish,

everything will be just the same,

and I’ll have a book inside me.


-Kritika Vashist






Life in general is not always fun,
but if we are together, we can overcome.

There’ll always be some obstacles around;
we must remember to knock them down.
For if we don’t, there’ll surely be trouble by leaps and bounds.

Right or wrong it’s always god’s call
it is us who will ultimately take the fall.

There’ll always be judgmental people nearby;
Trust in yourself, their remarks is mere lie.
Because only trust is going to take you to the seventh sky.

Arduous or troublesome, never give up,
cause you are strength, within and above.

There’ll be time when you will want to escape,
Never ever hide yourself in that dark cave.
Credence and power will overcome the pain.

No matter how sad it might be, it shall pass
morning will bring light and a new start. 

-Kritika Vashist