A Sleepless Night and a Thoughtful Mind is Perfervid


If I hadn’t discussed about learning and introspecting on phone with a friend, I wouldn’t have decided to write this at 2:30 am. Call me insane, but listen to me if you want to.

Let me start by asking three simple questions to you.
What are the sources you learn from?
What is the purpose of your life?
Who will be the last person you would want to see when you die?

How does one learn? What learning actually means?
Learning is not when a teacher is teaching you a chapter and your are paying your 100 percent attention to it. Learning is not when you are being scolded by your parents and you quietly listen to them or when you apologize. The teacher teaches, you learn when you realize and when you implement. Parents scold for your mistakes, you learn when you don’t repeat it.

Life gives a different meaning to learning, and this learning comes from experiences, exposures, mistakes and introspection.

Suppose that I ask you to sit in a locked room with no human, without a book or music, without internet. How will you learn? You will learn by yourself, and this learning is introspection. When you spend time just with yourself, you know more about who actually you are, what do you want in life, why are you living. And when you learn about all these things you learn about yourself. Learning about yourself is heavy, extensive and necessary at the same time. You would never succeed if you don’t know what you seek from yourself, how you want to spend your whole freaking life and how to keep yourself happy come what may.

But does the learning ends here? Do we only learn from introspection? If yes is your answer then why do you interact with people, why do you travel to places, why do you go to work, why do you go to college? You should instead spend every minute of your life in introspection. However, this doesn’t happen because we learn when we step out and enter the world. Your world will have every kind of person. You might have encountered someone who is a pain in ass, someone who makes you puke with their illogical arguments. Yes, wait, there are some sensible human too you might have met. But do we only learn from the sensible ones? No. You learn from irksome and infuriating people too. You learn how it feels when you are being annoyed. You learn how to not to be like them. I don’t think  I even need to mention about learning from sensible and intellect humans. However, you may choose to ignore people like KRK and pseudo-intellect. I would suggest you to stay away from such awful people.

You spend hours on social sites, but if you are not learning, then you are not using the sources efficiently. You learn from books, newspaper, parents, friends, even from a sweeper of your locality. They don’t teach you, but you learn. Learning is a self effort. You might not learn something that is being taught, but you might learn things on your own. You don’t need a teacher to learn. You need presence of mind, willingness, a wide perception, a mind with windows to allow thoughts and flexibility.
When you hear someone saying that they travelled a new city alone and learnt about countless things, you only focus on ‘alone’ and ignore ‘learning’. They were alone but they learned when they interacted with someone. This is how we live your life, and this how learning process of life is. You step out, you explore, you interact, you discuss, you make mistakes, you have all kind of experiences and then you learn.

However, learning from interaction is done by human beings who live to survive, except all the Sadhus and Sanyasis of Himalayas, who live for existence. Have you ever wondered why do they spend their entire life meditating? The answer is simple. Their purpose of life is different from ours. They don’t need to feed their family, They don’t need money to build houses for themselves or to buy branded clothes from a city mall. Their sole purpose of life is to teach the wisdom of old, the methods of yoga and yoking soul. They usually live by themselves, away from the society of typical human, and spend their hours and days in devotion to their chosen deity. But what is the purpose of our life? Unless you have decided to be a Sadhu in future, you really need to ponder over it.
If you don’t have a purpose, you aren’t living the life. Your purpose of your life makes you to struggle every day. If your life is purposeless, your life is worthless. Forget about the family and the world, even you won’t know why the hell are you on this planet. It’s fine if you say your purpose of living this life is to eat everything, to crack lame jokes, or to think just about yourself. Having a purpose is way better than not having one.

The purpose of our live, however, changes with time. If you’ll ask your mother, she probably would say that her purpose of life is to live for her children. If you’ll ask a teenager, he would say that his purpose is to help the underprivileged. If you’ll ask your grandparents, they would probably say that their purpose of life is to die a peaceful death or to see their children happy when they are gone. With every new stage, new purpose of life comes and a new struggle. But purpose never ends until they are achieved.

The reply to the last question from my friend came, “Raveena Tandon.” You can choose anything, but a practical wish would be better, no?

Kritika Vashist


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