Where the stars shine for you

Ever since the day I met you, I fell in love with you. It was first my love for your words, then for you and finally for your soul. I wondered what love would possibly do to me even before knowing what love actually is. It is after you that I realized what love is, and since then I have been living that love.

Love isn’t what books describe. How can I describe a sweet pain? Or how can I describe my smile when I am all heartbroken? When I answer, the only words that move in sync with my soul are, “I love you.”

I don’t know what to call myself, a fortunate lady who was loved by you or an unfortunate lady who couldn’t spend her life with her only love, you. Right now, I look at these stars in the night sky and I remember how I would tell you that I am your stars, precisely a constellation. Though the stars move, but they maintain their relative positions. Though we can’t see the stars in the day because of sunlight, but they are still present. Am I not your stars? I guess you never really understood me when I told you that to you I am like that pattern of stars in the infinite sky that shine for you.

Remember when you decided to leave saying you don’t love me anymore? I was still there, in a hope that someday you’ll return, but you never did. You know, I am still there.
Am I not your stars?
Remember when you would be mad at me, and still I would be smiling? I smiled, because I love everything of yours, your amiability, your anger. You know, I still would smile and forget.
Am I not your stars?
Remember after few months of that, you were in a room when just the air of melancholy surrounded you? I was there, to help you get out of the darkness. You know, I would come even now.
Am I not your stars?

The way you loved me, nobody could ever had. The love I do to you, I couldn’t do that to anyone else.

Now when I look at these stars in the sky, I contemplate how they shine. Maybe the moon you described over shined these stars, and you decided to walk away knowing that these stars would still shine for you.

I never moved because it was never over. I never let my love for you to shine any less all these years. This was the last destination of my life. Though I had a wish to walk the shore with my soul, but now all I do is watch these stars, all alone.

I think the heaven is calling me soon. I swear to you my love; I took all the medicines in time, still something didn’t happen right. Maybe few things are not in our control. Maybe this is what life is about. Uncertainties.

I don’t know if you ever looked at the sky again, but if you’ll look at it in search of me when I am gone, you would still see the unimpeded pattern, where the stars shine for you.

– Kritika VashistTree Silhouette Against Starry Night Sky