Without You


Like the sky without stars,
Like broken strings of a guitar.
Like a sea without fishes,
Like a birthday without wishes.
Like English without Shakespeare,
Like any unanswered prayer.
Like love without cuddle,
Like an incomplete Jigsaw puzzle.
That’s what I am without you.

Like a painting without colours,
Like mathematics without numbers.
Like a lock without key,
Like a pizza without cheese.
Like winters without snow,
Like water without the flow.
Like a tree without leaves,
Like a car without wheels.
That’s what I am without you.

Like a cake without sugar,
Like few lost pages of a booker.
Like a turtle without its shell,
Like a magic without a spell.
Like science without Hawking,
Like a sad dream of a spring.
Like a song without poetry,
Like a bride without jewellery.
Like a body without the soul,
Like cricket without a ball.
That’s what I am without you.

Without you,
I am a wedding dress never worn.
I am an unheard song.

Without you,
I am words without meaning.
I am that gloomy evening.

Without you,
it isn’t poetic at all!

– Kritika Vashist


की अब जो

की अब जो इस कदर किया तूने नाचार है,
खुदपे क्या, खुदा पे कोई ना अब ऐतबार है।

की अब जो मालुम हुआ तेरे प्यार का बाजार है,
बे-नक़ाब हुआ तेरा पर्दा-इ-असरार है।

की अब जो हर दिन जन-इ-अफ़्कार है,
तुझसे क्या, खुदसे ही अब दिल-इ-बे-ज़ार है।

– कृतिका वशिस्ट