Comfortably Numb


“I might take some more time to get ready, so for you I’ll leave the door open,” the messaged popped on his screen when he was just 2 minutes away from her place. Unlike what a guy would bring on his girl’s birthday, he just had a book and a painting which he didn’t bother to gift wrap.

Hello? Hello? Hello? …is there anybody in there?,” he started to sing while he entered the house. When no voice was heard from the other side, he thought she was playing her favorite, hide and seek game. To see her, he entered her room and continued with the song, “Well I can ease the pain. Get you on your feet agg….”. He couldn’t complete the word after what he saw. He never sang that song ever again. Maybe, he regretted for choosing that song. The words in the song were now meaningless. Every pain, her every dream, all the sickness, all her love she had within herself, and the wait for being loved the way she deserved, everything had gone. She knew about her dangerously false hope, and she knew that complaining to him was more dangerous. Her lips didn’t move, yet, she had spoken everything for the final time. 

Her body was still on the floor, which had become red because of the blood. She was in her favorite full length red colored dress. She was all jeweled up. To his surprise, she left nothing behind, not even a letter, not a last word. However, she was holding the rose he had given her 16 months ago. The rose still had its leaves, all its petals as they were before. The rose just had become old, the petals were wrinkled, yet it looked beautiful in her hands.

He never wanted her to wait for him or anything related to him, and that’s what he used to tell her whenever she waited for him, for his love. Maybe she had waited for too long, for him, for his surprise. He wanted her to speak something, anything. But he had told her to not complain, and she didn’t, even before her last breath.

He vociferated. He laughed out loud outside, he cried bad inside. He held her closely and kissed her. Seeing her resting on the floor, he knew that now she had become comfortably numb

– Kritika Vashist

(Song by Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb)

4 thoughts on “Comfortably Numb

  1. I like what you did with you story and the song. Both are powerful, yet sad. A song that I play from that album is Nobody home. I substitute the piano for acoustic guitar.

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