The Endless Perfect Drizzle


The alarm didn’t wake me up today, it was the perfect drizzle.
I pulled the curtains back and saw how the rain was drenching the trees, which looked more alive, and how the wind was pelting across the raindrops.
Reclining in my deckchair, holding a cup of tea, I contemplated the drizzle. This wasn’t how I would usually start my day, but today I couldn’t stop myself from making my soul comfortable with thoughts and the rain. You know, it is rare and beautiful when you are comfortable with your thoughts.

The street was shining dimly, and by the late evening, the wind had started to pelt faster across the raindrops and slowly through my hair. I don’t remember the last time I felt this ebullient. Every fear that had kept me wondering about what and how the future days would be like without you fell along with the raindrops. And hope had embraced me the way rain was embracing the sky.

The rain didn’t stop. I liked the fact that it did not. It was smooth, perfect and thoughtful. And how describing it reminded me our conversation we had last night, which, was nothing but a perfect drizzle. Although it ended, yet, it felt like this perfect endless drizzle.

-Kritika Vashist


4 thoughts on “The Endless Perfect Drizzle

  1. A similar perfect drizzle happened here too. Isn’t it the most serene thing ever? Just looking at the raindrops racing with each other for what seems like infinity. You really write from your soul. Your writings says that for itself 🙂

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