Moon Outshines the Stars


“Moon outshines the stars,” he said, trying to look away.

I knew what he meant; I knew he was telling me my worth. The only thing he wanted was to stay away, unwillingly. He was afraid of this love, he was faint-hearted. He was petrified with fear, the kind of fear I never really figured out, and showed as if I didn’t mean anything to him. However, I was certain of his love for me, which, was beautifully weird and painful in its own ways. He was never confident about his love, his fears grew more than his love for me.

“Everything on this earth has its own potential and value. We can’t compare a fish to a whale, a stone to a rock, a leaf to a tree. We all are born with some potential and with that given talent we live our lives. Comparison creates negativity and might take away the confidence of the one who is being compared. A star in the sky has its own purpose and every single star knows its worth. You know, here the problem lies, before knowing the worth of something, we start judging them. Remember, the sky wouldn’t shine better without stars. Know the worth of a thing or a person before losing them. And remember that even though moon outshines stars, but every night moon wishes to be with stars. Stars fill the void, and it is how the sky looks beautiful,” I construed and walked away with a hope to see a new him.

– Kritika Vashist

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