छुप छुप के…

छुप छुप के जो तरसाया था
देखा होगा रात का चाँद तुमने।

जान कर अनजान जो बने थे,
सीखा होगा नज़रे चुराना तुमने।

छोड़ कर हाथ जो कभी थामा था,
दिया होगा फिर किसी और को उधार तुमने।

-कृतिका वशिष्ठ


7 thoughts on “छुप छुप के…

  1. “You teased me by remaining away from my sight
    You must have seen the moon every night!

    You treated me like a stranger when I was your compadre,
    You must have learnt the art of looking away.

    By leaving the hand you once held,
    You must have lend yours to someone else.”

    I might not have done justice with the translation, but that’s how I could write in English. Hindi and Urdu are beautiful in there own way, no matter what word you choose from English language, it can never do justice with what the poem means in its original language.
    You must be knowing Hindi, Urdu, no? Well, I am slightly surprised here :O
    I’d suggest you to start reading Urdu poetry. I love them. They are beyond beautiful! Believe me. I love to read Mirza Ghalib. Do read some of his work, you would love it. For translations you have Google and your family 😀


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