The Autumn Leaf


The Autumn Leaf (1)

The autumn leaf flew away.
Vanished into the sky,
of benign affability.
After it was separated,
by the one,
whom it belonged to,
by the one,
who called it a season.

-Kritika Vashist


9 thoughts on “The Autumn Leaf

  1. That was beautiful, Kritika! It gave such a strong message in such a simple and thought-provoking way! The sky was indeed the true and permanent companion of the leaf (us). The tree (Earth) is just a temporary stoppage in our journey. Loved it!

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    • Thank you 🙂
      And I loved the way you have related the earth as a temporary stoppage.
      Indeed, it is true.
      We are all a season to everyone. The kind of season is the kind of relation we have with them. I wrote this poem when the thought came to my mind that I am like an autumn leaf who tries to find herself in the infinity of the universe after I am separated by someone I was a part of once.

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      • Oh this meaning of the poem is much more beautiful! Thanks for showing the light. We all feel like an autumn leaf sometimes in our lives. Going where the wind takes us, detached, aimless, broken. But those very falling leaves are the most beautiful ones, right? Those are broken, so they become free; they seem dead, they spread beauty. 🙂

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