When Death Took Her Away


Tears down the face making way to his dry lips.
The choked voice trying to call her back.
Breath stopped; love unceased.

Beatific creases unfolding permanently.
Eyes abandoning every dream without her.
Broken heart; memories etched.

The death holding her, uncompromisingly.
The life leaving him, concomitantly.
Hands separated; souls coupled.

-Kritika Vashist

34 thoughts on “When Death Took Her Away

  1. The moment when you read something as soulful as this, you just wish to keep staring into infinity and think about these words. Breath stopped, love unceased! It is probably the loveliest thing I have read. Great work 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I just dropped by to say hello to tell you I haven’t forgotten about you nominating me,there has just been to much going on around here,lots of upheaval and confusion, I am trying but don’t know when that will be ,I’m on the run again today
    As always Sheldon


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