Lesson My Mother Taught Me (About Food)


I was getting late for my college. My mom had prepared breakfast for me, but because I was already running late, I couldn’t get time to eat it. I gulped down the glass of milk at a go, took my bag and headed for my college.

My mom would always tell me, “Never waste food. Never disrespect food. Some don’t even get to eat a slice of bread in a day. Because you get it easily you tend to disregard it. Beta(dear), don’t waste it.

I wish I had known the importance of it there and then, but life will always give you examples to learn and realize the worth of things that you get without any strenuous efforts.

On my way back to home I saw a tourist bus. Tourists were getting down from the bus and were going towards the market. There was a servant who was picking their refreshment food boxes and throwing them into a garbage bin nearby. While he was throwing the leftovers, a kid aged 7-8 came and sifted through the bin. The kid with torn clothes, eyes with some hope of getting a handful of something eatable, was picking half eaten sandwiches. He took two such pieces of sandwich and went away.

My heart crushed when I saw him walking away with some kind of satisfaction on his face; satisfaction of, “at least” something to eat.

I thought of giving him something to eat, because giving money is like escaping. I would not have assured myself that he had something from that money. By the time I looked around for something I can get for him, the kid was gone. I couldn’t see him. He vanished like a leaf in the air. I regretted for not being able to help someone to have something more than he had expected.

When I reached home, I saw that breakfast my mother had prepared for me in the morning as it is on the dining table. I felt so ashamed of myself. I warmed the food in microwave and ate it, realizing that I should have carefully listened to my mother words, and promising myself to never disrespect food, again.

(This is a true story and happened few years back. I thought of penning it down and sharing. Food and oxygen are necessary to survive, for everybody. Let us start appreciating our lives and start acknowledging the fact that however it is, it is still better from someone who doesn’t even get to eat a bread. Let us promise to ourselves that whenever we see someone hungry, we feed them with whatever we can.)

-Kritika Vashist


12 thoughts on “Lesson My Mother Taught Me (About Food)

  1. This is relateable, we all have often times been told this from our moms 🙂 and it’s painfully true we seem to hold no value to anything that comes easy and we apply that to all things in life even food.

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