The Autumn Leaf (II)


The Autumn Leaf (II)

The Autumn leaf fell,
into the roughness of the soil,
after it was parted away.

Tears of blood of painful adieu,
spreading all over it;
Red, magenta.
Fear of numbness,
piercing its skin;
Yellow, orange.
Darkness of loneliness,
enclosing it;
Black, brown.

The passerby beholds the colors,
he calls it a beauty.
Perhaps, like all the colors,
colors of pain,
colors of numbness,
colors of loneliness,
are beautiful, too.
Like the color of a fake smile,
they too hide the melancholy.

Holding on to nothing,
the autumn leaf wishes,
to be blown away,
by the fearless wind.

– Kritika Vashist

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