Love is Energy

“Its been more than a year, and I am still there, with everything you had left for me and with my wandering thoughts. I don’t know if you…”, he paused as he turned his gaze away from the dark gloomy sky, and saw an old saint standing behind him.

“The kind of emotion that burns you down is not love. Love is not an emotion, it is an energy that never gets destroyed, and this is what that makes it eternal. There are so many people who want to be loved, who deserve to be loved and who are worth your love. Don’t waste this energy for someone who can never earn it, go and pass it to someone who is worth it. Go where love is,” explained the old saint and left.

– Kritika Vashist

37 thoughts on “Love is Energy

  1. I should take this advice and stop giving my love to a man who doesn’t want it, but it is so hard to stop, to let go and try again… this is lovely, thank you for posting it. Michelle

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    • I understand what you are saying. Letting go is difficult, but staying at a place, which fails to bring out the best in you is a waste of time, isn’t it?
      As I said before that love is ever flowing. I can continuing loving a man who doesn’t love me by not keeping any contact with him. Love resides in heart and soul. But at the same time, I can give my love or share my love with someone who is in a similar situation like me. In my opinion, that would bring out the best in me and for other person as well. I won’t ever demean that man for not loving me, instead I’d take time to realize that something better is waiting for me, and that God expects more from me than I expect from myself. Although I am yet to learn and experience more, one thing that keeps me satisfied and away from complaining is remembering that, I was capable of loving someone selflessly, that I had a chance to know that I could love someone, which, not everyone does. This feeling pulls you away from depression and sadness. You were chosen for something that isn’t easy.

      Love wholeheartedly, but never at the cost of your self respect and the happiness that you think you deserve. If something is meant to stay, it will stay, in storm or in rains.


      • so wise for such a young woman! thank you for caring and sharing your thoughts, I know you are right, just can’t break away just yet, I am hoping that I can soon because I really want to be loved in return. I’m getting old, my chances are getting less and less to find a nice man, maybe that is why I cling to this one, he is not a bad person, and I know he cares, just not enough…. Love and peace to you my friend! Michelle

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      • If that is the case, then have faith in your love and trust him a bit more. I hope that everything falls in place soon.
        Personally speaking, I have found inner happiness just by being positive, accepting the truth, and giving myself a chance that yes, things will be better for me. Especially blogging here has brought an immense positive attitude in me. I hope it does same with you.
        Love to you, ma’am. Keep smiling 🙂


      • I know that is the way to go, to be open and loving and trusting that my inner happiness, which I really do have, will bring me the things that will make it better for me. and yes, I agree, blogging here has been very positive and very helpful, so many wonderful people!! I feel really blessed to have met so many kind souls!! love to you too sweet one!

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  2. Oh and personally…I don’t think love is ever “wasted” on anyone. The more you give the more you get. Maybe not from the ones you wanted it from. Everyone deserves love….Unconditional love is the dream…that we love unconditionally. Which means we don’t get to pick and choose those we love. But it’s different from romantic love. Wishing even those you have hurt you well, and never wishing ill on anyone…that’s unconditional love. It lifts us all.

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    • Correctly said. However, here I didn’t mean to say that ‘Don’t waste your love.’ What I wrote is, “Don’t waste this energy for someone who can never earn it.” What I meant by that is, sometimes it happens that the person falls in love with someone who puts them down, betrays them, and such are not worthy of love, because they will never know what giving something selflessly and unconditionally is.

      We cannot made a rock soft my caressing it, because rocks are meant to be hard. However, I wish if everybody was kind, but unfortunately, this world has both good and bad, and what we can do is to look at a brighter side.

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      • Oh Kritika, you are absolutely right! I think romantic love is absolutely a different matter…I guess I got off on a tangent there. Your blog makes so much sense. I love a blog that makes me think. Just think you shouldn’t feel like you wasted your love when you find out the person you lavished it on didn’t appreciate it. It’s still a positive energy that you put out into the world, it still raised the vibration. 🙂 Just because someone is not appreciative doesn’t mean you wasted your emotion. I guess maybe I think the person who didn’t appreciate it, or turned out to be the wrong person wasted it? Maybe? Have a wonderful day…..or night.

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  3. Ma’am, read my reply to cote8050, there I have agreed with the “fact”(calling it a fact) that yes, just because someone is not appreciative, doesn’t mean you wasted your love.
    Yes, the person who couldn’t understand.

    Thank you, again! Keep smiling. 🙂


  4. It is so true ! It was so beautiful ! You expressed your splendid thoughts in such a lovely way, they will stay with me for a long time. This was a masterpiece, Kritika. I really couldn’t think of words to admire it. Was just reading it again and again and thinking how wrongly we see things sometimes. These are precious words of wisdom by a wise, wise person 🙂

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