In the Wildness of the Night


In the wildness of the night,
when the stars were veiled
by the silvery grey clouds,
and the moon had ruled the roost.
I hark back to your soulfully intoxicated
love that reigned over me,
in the wildness of the night.

The space around burned in passion.
The heaven had came down,
entered a life groaning in pleasure,
while the scorpion of love
bit me all over in leisure.

The steady movement of the scorpion,
carpeted all of me,
injected me with love poison, overwhelmingly.

Deeply immersed in the intoxication,
My body tripped in ecstasy.
Like the venomous grey clouds of the night,
insaneness enveloped my bones and skin.

The peerless moonlight in the dark,
authoritative of the wildness,
shed a soft glow,
while the scorpion of love
warmed the skin slowly and slowly.

I hark back to your irresistible scent.
The heavy breath,
while your skin chafed mine.
The intense dance of insanity around.
The alluring scorpion bites,
which numbed me, euphorically.

Breathing the contentment,
feeling your love all over me,
I had wish to die,
drowning in your intoxicated love,
in the wildness of the night.

– Kritika Vashist


48 thoughts on “In the Wildness of the Night

  1. Very nice Kritika! I like how you use the metaphors of venom and intoxication to show the strong effect of passion. The scene is set in this intoxication and wildness while the feelings of euphoria and contentment flow. The graphic you used goes well with the poem and helps set the mood and scene. Very artistic rendition.

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      • Thank You, Kritika! I believe that love, passion, and sensuality lend themselves very well to all of the methods of written language. The written language is the enduring expression of our humanity and to express our most desired emotion in this way is like an everlasting Spring season in our lives. You capture that well and if it interests you to do it, then you will only get better as you continue to explore and write on the subject. You are very talented and you do it well.

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    • Hehe. Believe me, I never thought I can ever write such a poem. But then had this scorpion thing on my mind and I just started writing, and when I put the pen down, I realised that I have actually written a sensual poem.
      Thank you Anoop, for reading πŸ™‚
      See you!

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