Nothing of Me


There is nothing of my own,
none of my poems,
or an unsung song.

There is nothing more whole,
nothing more infinite
than my ever devoted soul.

Musing floating in the space,
scattered words trying to trace,
in the little universe inside me,
the one that believes,
despite what crafted world says,
nothing, but love reveals;
whatever I am,
whatever I was.

There is nothing this nature hasn’t shown;
There is nothing of me I haven’t known.

From the winds,
speaking for my feisty sail,
an unheard, unknown tale.

From the moonlight,
veiling my unfrequented face,
leaving an imperceptible trace.

From the infinity of sky,
embracing my love’s agelessness,
raining my love’s melancholiness.

Nothing but,
the poems I write,
nothing of which is mine;
a rumination of that mystical love,
residing in me.

Day after day,
I realize,
nothing of me is possible to think,
nothing of me is possible to ink.

In gaze and stillness,
I realize,
nothing of me was ever adulterated,
it was nothing,
but a liberation unstated.

There is nothing of me I haven’t known.
The poems I write
The songs I sing
In the wind that blows
When the night falls.
from the tiny universe within.

This world knows nothing of me;
The warmth of my love,
the bitterness of my love.

This world knows nothing of me;
Of what I am,
of what I could be.

– Kritika Vashist

(Lately, I have been feeling as if few abstruse thoughts and philosophies of life, which, I think and write are not what I decided to, but a force within takes my hands and places them on the keyboard and makes them to draw the words I wanted to keep to myself somewhere beneath the soul, where nothing of me and no one can reach.)


21 thoughts on “Nothing of Me

  1. Omg I an seriously in love with that poem, I can’t even describe how beautiful it is, it’s amazing+wonderful+great+fantastic all in ine and still it’s not enough to describe it or describe how I feel ankut this poem. Every word is written with so much passion. It’s not only beautiful lines it’s also beautiful thoughts and this is so relatable, I feel like you wrote what I can never right Ana all this show me just how talented Ana amazing you are, keep blogging and keep writing your poems because from now on they are gonna be te high lights if my life 🙂 🙂 good luck kritika 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t think I will have enough words to let you know how much this means to me. Thank you for your gratefulness and admiration. I am truly humbled.
      I am glad to know that you could relate it. I believe, poems connect us more than anything else in this world, and hence, we should let them flow the way they want. That’s what I did with this poem exactly. With my eyes closed, tired body trying to comfort itself on bed, and mind trying to fall asleep, these words continued to wander in me, and then I penned down everything that kept coming.

      Thank you again! Stay awesome. Best wishes. 🙂


  2. Deep and thought-provoking. I had to read it multiple times to read between the lines. It was evident that like your other posts. this too directly came from the soul to the nib of the pen. And your love for nature is so beautifully expressed. The warmth of my love, the bitterness of my love – the world doesn’t know it. I am a fan of this stanza. It is indeed next to impossible to know someone completely. We all have a hidden, second face, no matter how low we keep it 🙂

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    • This was tough to understand, I agree. I myself couldn’t comprehend what exactly was going on my mind. I just kept writing whatever was coming to me.

      Yes, we all a mask that we do need time to time, and it doesn’t disappear no matter how hard you try. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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