मुदतो (Short and vague English translation)

आज ना जाने कितने मुदतो बाद तेरी जुबा पे आया मेरा नाम है
देख रहा तू मुझे उन्हीं चुराई हुई नज़रो से
लगता है आज शायद मुझसे तुझे कोई काम आया हैं।

– कृतिका

English Translation : Lover is saying to the person who left her/him that;
“Today, after ages, you have my name on your lips and you are looking at me with those eyes that stopped seeing me, and I think you probably have come here to ask for a favor.”


16 thoughts on “मुदतो (Short and vague English translation)

  1. Izza it means something like this
    Today don’t know after how long my name came on your tongue or speech.
    You seeing me with those snitched eyes.
    It seems today may be i have been useful to you in some way.
    Kritika pls correct me if i was wrong at any point or mismatched with your lovely emotions ❤

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  2. Seems that you like Shayaris and all! And yeah, rightly said, the feel our languages bring with them, won’t be found in any other foreign languages. Switching between the languages is fun, I like all of them, my regional, national and international.

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