Insight disguised as an award

To my amazement, there are three amazing bloggers who have nominated me for Liebster Award. So the count reaches to 3 and next level of trying to believe in all the appreciation that I am receiving.
Thank you, Rob, Ifrah and Archita. You guys have been too kind to nominate me for this ‘dearest’ award.
To my fellow bloggers, do check out their blogs, they have some amazing pieces you would want to read.

I am writing this to answer their questions and as few bloggers here say, ‘an insight into a person’s mind.

Questions asked by Rob and Ifrah :

1. What country do you blog from?
A- India.

2. What was your favorite childhood movie?
A- I was such a nerd that I didn’t watch movies. Thus, I can’t seem to remember if any movie was my favorite.  I read only books.

3. Cats or dogs?
A- Cats, anytime.

4. What kind of music do you prefer?
A- One which soothes. I am not genre specific. I love to explore music.

5. Coffee or tea?
A- That’s like asking, oxygen or water? I need both to survive.

6. What’s the most daring thing you’ve done?
A- Giving audition for Western music society of my college, singing a song in front of a goddamn crowd when I knew I have an unmeldoic voice and I sing off-key. Believe me, it was daring. I was the first person on their audition list and first person on their elimination list. Sigh! (However, this doesn’t stop me from singing. I sing a song daily.)
After all to me,

7. Beaches or amusement parks?
A- Beaches if they are silent.

8. What is your favorite song today?
A- Drive Home- Steven Wilson

9. What are you reading now?
A- A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

10. Name a place that you would like to visit some day.
A- Paris. Seriously! Take me along if someone plans a visit there.

Questions by Arpita :

1. How did you come up with your first blog title?
A- I did not think for too long to decide the title, to speak frankly. When the column appeared where I had to write the title, I wrote what came to my mind. Words came like flowing water. My blog name has plain words; however, I believe that these words have spoken more than I have ever said. ‘From the Soul to the Nib of the Pen’ is true and is my identity now.

2. Who is your favourite hollywood star?
A- Channing Tatum *drolls*

3. What is the name of your favourite tv show?
A- F.R.I.E.N.D.S

4. If you were to have a library of your own, which genre of books would they have the most?
A- I like to read in a room that doesn’t have walls of genre. If I haven’t read a thriller and you suggest me one, I will read. I want to have a library that has got every damn book!

5. What type of food do you prefer the most?
A- Indian Food.

6. Who is your favourite author?
A- Khaled Hosseini

7. If you get a chance to go on a world tour with a celebrity (any field), who would that person be?
A- Hrithik Roshan. *awestruck*

8. Who is your favourite blogger?
A- I never thought about it. I won’t think about it ever. Everybody is creative here, and it would not be wise of me to judge someone based on my biased opinions.

9. Arrange these in your preference order: career, food, love?
A- Love, Career, Food (Note: Romantic love is not the only love)

10. Which one is your own favourite post?
A- I have written that post, but haven’t shared it yet. I’ll share it soon.
Second would be – When Death Took Her Away. I don’t know for what reasons I love this poem.

So, that is it.
Since I am not nominating anyone, I am not framing any question.

Thank you Rob, Ifrah and Archita, once again. Hope I answered your questions well. 🙂
Thank you everyone, for reading.

Stay awesome. Cheers!

– Kritika Vashist


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