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  1. Which poses a couple of questions: Why did they give up their freedom to start with if it was important? Could they not have experienced freedom together? The only freedom that is condemned in a marriage is sexual freedom. All other things being equal, the couple has much freedom, In fact, if a joint income is the result, the couple may well have more freedom than a single person.

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    • I reflect here an immature thinking, shallow relations, which eventually lead to an immature marriage. When two people decide to spend their lives together, they promise to be together in all situations, to understand each other. However, with passing of the time, they lose respect for each other, their pride and ego overpowers their understanding, which unfortunately results in divorces.
      One should know that marriages are not like relationships, and do not have breakups, but divorces. It brings a temporary emotional trauma to some, and for some it ruins their entire life.
      If only people were mature to understand each vow they take and to know that marriages are not just about exchanging rings. People should learn to react less and respond more.

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    • Barrira – I would suggest that your view of the world needs to be expanded just a little. To take a single aspect and label a whole generation with it is not only unfair, but totally inaccurate. You cannot possibly know what a whole generation feels. To say that they are all sadistic re relationships is no different from saying that all Americans are loud; all Englishmen are arrogant; all Indians are ………… well I am sure you know what I am saying.
      Unfortunately, many people (the younger they are, the more vulnerable) believe what they read so I am suggesting that you dwell on my thoughts above. You may not agree, but using very basic logic ….. you know that you made a statement which is inaccurate.

      Life is a huge and complex classroom. Please join me in it. 🙂

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      • I think you misunderstood my statement or perhaps I failed to use the right words 🙂
        First I called myself a sadist only, not the generation. Also, to elaborate on what I said, in no way was I trying to misjudge an entire generation of people, that would be shallow but more of making a point of that values in relationships have rapildy declined especially in recent years, the plastic life and battles of egos are at a high, divorce rates are crazy (even when I come from a society which was quite conservative) and there is much more inflexibility. That being said, of course there are good people out there, I never meant every person of this generation was spoiled, but I feel that as a whole there is a decline, maybe its just me, didn’t mean to offend anyone here 🙂

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      • There was a reason why I put the dates. I am not sure if anybody tried to read that too, considering that many didn’t get the meaning. Yes, young people are more vulnerable, but not making necessary efforts and lack of flexibility and compromises ends the relationship before it actually starts. It is said that it is easy to marry, but difficult to live the marriage. Maybe our generation needs to be more patient and less egoistic.

        By the way, I think at the end of each quote that I write, I should probably write a para to explain. 🙂 Hehe!

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      • I figured out the message in between the dates but the comment was made on a different tangent lol agreeed, to make a relationship work, a lot of time, effort an nurturing is required 🙂

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      • Dude, I got your comment. I remember that we think alike when it comes to marriages 🙂
        I know you didn’t mean to generalize.
        By the way, are you okay? I haven’t read your poetry. You have readers, in case you have forgotten that!

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      • As for explanatory notes? I had to smile at that because trying to make that decision seems to be a conflict in creativity. A poet/writer should be honest with themselves and create in absolute truth (unless you want to make money in which case you must write what people want!).

        Once you have completed your piece, does an explanatory note add/change anything? Yes it does because without explanations, your readers need to interpret and they will interpret relative to their own perspective and experiences. With an explanatory note, you are guiding your readers into your own perspectives and experiences.

        To complicate further, your writings cross many cultural boundaries with many other perspectives etc.

        My suggestion? Do not offer explanatory notes however, you must accept misunderstandings as inevitable (as I well know!)

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      • You took the words right out of my mind!
        There was a reason why I never explained quotes I wrote. As a writer, I want it to leave to different interpretation, but in the end having an important lesson to learn. If I will write like a layman, then there won’t be any difference between a writer and a layman.
        I agree with you and I hear you.

        Your comments are always significant. Thanks for your comments 🙂

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      • So happy to read your response! 🙂

        Values of relationships have only declined if you have established a level from which they can decline from. While many couples now do not marry, they may/may not be any less committed. The questions which are important to me (and for which there are no answers) are:
        How many couples live happily together; learning from each other; sharing highs and lows; supporting each other; compromising their own wants/desires with their partner?
        How many of them stay together for life?
        How many of them separate to travel on different roads and yet thank each other for the life experiences which they had together?
        Those people are (to me) the life success stories.

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      • It is like a bicycle. It won’t work unless both the tries are equally strong.
        All the questions are what we would expect relationships to be like.

        Rest let’s just leave on destiny. We can only hope that lessons are learnt by those who take it for granted.


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