एक आख़री नगमा (With English translation)

“एक आख़री नगमा”

हो तो गयी थी वो सभी बातें जो कहनी थी
पर शायद कोई एक बात रह गयी अधूरी है।
उस शाम तेरी आँखों में पढ़ा तो सब था
पर शायद एक आख़री मुलाकात ज़रूरी हैं।

चाहकर भी ना रोक सकु ना थाम सकु तेरा हाथ
ना जाने कैसी यह तकदीर की मज़बूरी हैं।
तू रहता तो है मेरी इन धरकनो में
ना जाने कैसी फिर यह तुझसे दूरी हैं।

जो कहानी खुद लिखी हो खुदा ने
फिर क्यों वो कहानी नहीं पूरी हैं ?
मोहोब्बत होते हुए भी साथ रहने की
फिर क्यों दी नहीं उसने मंजूरी हैं ?

हाथों की इन लकीरों के आगे कौन करता जी हजूरी हैं
पर तक़दीर हो, यह ज़ालिम दुनिया हो, हो कोई खुदा
मेरी मेहकेंगी साँसे जिसमे तेरे इश्क़ की कस्तूरी हैं।

– कृतिका वशिस्ठ

 “Ek Aakhari Nagma” 

Ho toh gayi thi who sabhi baatein jo kehni thi
par shayad koi ek baat reh gayi adhuri hai.
Us sham teri aankhon mei padha toh sab tha
par shayad ek aakhari mulakaat zaruri hai.

Cahkar bhi na rok saku na thaam saku tera hath
na jane kaisi yeh takdeer ki mazboori hai.
Tu rehta toh hai meri in dharkano mei
na jane kaisi fir yeh tumse doori hai.

Jo kahani hud likhi ho khuda ne
fir kyu wo kahani nahi puri hai?
Mohobbat hote hue bhi sath rehne ki
fir kyu di nahi usne manjoori hai?

Haathon ke in lakeron kea age kon karta jee-hazoori hai
par takdeer ho, ya zalim duniya, ya ho koi khuda
meri mehenkenge saanse jisme tere ishq ki kastrui hai.

English Translation: (This is difficult to do for me, but I have tried my best to translate it. Pardon me for any error.)

“The last song/ melody”

We talked about everything we were supposed to
I guess, still one conversation is left incomplete.
That evening, I had read everything in your eyes
I guess; one last meeting is still needful.

Even if I want, I can neither stop you, nor hold your hand
I don’t know what kind of helplessness is my fate caught in
Even though you live in my heart beats
I don’t know why there is this distance between us.

The story that God has written himself
How that story is not complete?
Even when love is present why he has
not approved us to live together?

Nobody dares to not agree with what destiny has written
But, be it my fate, be it this cruel word, be it any God
The aroma of my breath will only have scent of your love.

-Kritika Vashist


60 thoughts on “एक आख़री नगमा (With English translation)

      • The sketch is very good and invites many interpretations (could be parent consoling a child). Your words however seem to describe the situation very precisely.
        Of course if I have it all totally wrong, then your translation was terrible! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


      • I had removed that sketch. I’ll let you know the reason when I write some post related to it.
        However, in this poem, I talk about love between two people who are living away from each other because of some inevitable reasons.

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  1. I really liked poem, and feeling of helplessness is something I believe is real pain one can experience. On the other hand I would say one who don’t have courage should not fall in love for it could bring non curable wounds in heart of beloved.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for your comment, Pratik.
      I believe that falling in love is not in our hands. It is not about courage always. Sometimes we are bound with circumstances that doesn’t let us to be with the one we love, but that doesn’t stop one to love them, and that’s what I have conveyed in the last stanza, when it says that the love scent will be present no matter what destiny has written.

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    • I don’t think you need courage to fall in love. You just need to meet someone who you feel is very special and who you can open your heart to. I do believe you need courage if a relationship is not working otherwise nothing will change. It is very sad to know couples who are simply tolerating each other. Neither one has the courage to say “We are traveling on different roads. Let us acknowledge our time together and go our separate ways.”

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  2. This is beautiful and painful both ❤ Love's not meant to be easy… I guess
    I still have to complete the challenge but I have had a very Monday-ish Monday, right now I'm cheering for myself for surviving xD

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  3. Until this and the other poem that you recently translated, I’d never read Urdu poetry. This is sad but beautiful, because it is painful to not be able to be with someone you love. It sounds like a challenge to do the translation. Thank you for your efforts and for posting. Cheers =)

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    • This poetry has both Hindi and Urdu words.
      Well, yes, you got the meaning right, but in the end the person does say that even if they don’t meet, the love will continue to breathe. Thus, the line: “But, be it my fate, be it this cruel word, be it any God
      The aroma of my breath will only have scent of your love.”
      I don’t want to write any poem that doesn’t convey a message in the end. Here it is to believe in your love even when there are inevitable circumstances.
      I know the translation wasn’t good enough to convey, but I gave my best. Thank you for reading, Chris. It means so much to me 🙂

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      • Not a very well known poet, Adeem Hashmi. You might like Mir Taqi Mir and Daag Dehlvi. Zauq is another option. Mind you though, books on shayari aren’t easy to get your hands on. Hardly anyone reads shayari anymore. :/

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      • Well, I am the one who loves to read. I thought of buying a book but before that I had to learn some Urdu. I saved a dictionary 😛 and read ghazals and shayari mostly online.
        I’m glad I got to know someone who also have interest in the same. I’ll check out these poets poetry 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • There are books with Hindi translations and transliterations, though the Hindi itself would send you to a dictionary! Prakash Pandit has edited quite a few compilations and there’s a good one on MIr by Ali Sardar Jafri. I could talk about books all evening! 😀


      • I have one by Darshan Singh. But the poetry is in English and not Urdu or Hindi. I couldn’t find the one with either. :/
        By the way, you seem to know a lot. Do suggest me one ghazal book I can buy.


      • I heard more than I’ve read. There’s one on Women Urdu poets that’s really worth reading, I’ll get the title for you. A small compendium by Khushwant Singh is also worth a read. You should find it on flipkart or amazon.

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  4. “मेरी मेहकेंगी साँसे जिसमे तेरे इश्क़ की कस्तूरी हैं” – दिल की धड़कनें ही रोक दी इन पंक्तियों ने !
    I used to think the effect that ‘Tere liye’ song from Veer-Zaara leaves on my mind is impossible to reciprocate by anything. Guess I was wrong! Great work Kritika 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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