Lost In You


Lost in you, the silent night,
where there is peace and seclusion,
where just my heartbeats are audible,
where remembrance of your love is antidote for distress.
I’m loving you, in silence.

Lost in you, dreamy eyes,
where forever our soul entwine,
where we promise to love evermore,
where you are the reason for my existence.
I am loving you, in dreams.

Lost in you, the fragrant quilt,
where I feel your terraces,
where you twine a wisp of my hair,
where our souls couple.
I am loving you, in fancy.

Lost in you, eloquent words,
where you obliquely call me beautiful,
where I throb in happiness,
where you portray our unceasing love.
I am loving you, in poems.

Lost in you, serendipitous ditty,
where broken lyrics string with flair,
where unmusical voice gives pleasure sensations,
where stars are more soothing than the moon.
I am loving you, in songs.

Lost in you, the perfect drizzle,
where we sense each other’s texture,
where the clean water taper the friction,
where the music is pitter-patter of raindrops.
I am loving you, in rains.

Lost in you, the unembellished window,
where I feel the warmth of your eyelids,
where sunbeam makes you shimmer artistically ,
where the glass captures the real adoration.
I am loving you in lights and shadows.

Lost in you, the wondrous painting,
where my name forms the colours,
where a single word completes the picture,
where the thick ink fails to clog the outline.
I am loving you, in delineation.

Let me remain lost in you,
let me keep loving you;
for your love is heavenly!

-Kritika Vashist

(Feb, 2014)

(So, Arpita, a fellow blogger who nominated me for Libester Award asked me about my favorite post/poem, and I had realized that I haven’t share it with all of you. This is the poem I had written last year and is my favorite for some unknown reason. I just like it the way it is. )

70 thoughts on “Lost In You

  1. Many poems immediately evoke in me a response that might question a line, or a particular phrasing. It is never intended as a personal affront, but simply my analytical side doing its thing and bringing certain aspects into question.

    Having read “Lost in You”, I can only say do not change anything. It is quite beautifully presented. If you have any doubts about your writing ability, just read this poem once again. Of course some of your work will present better than others, but never doubt that you do have an ability to capture the emotions of a moment, and present it such that the feelings can be shared. Great job. I loved it.

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    • Knowing that, Colin, I believe that this is a heartfelt compliment from you. I am so very glad to know that you loved it. Yes, often it happens with me that I tend to think of some of my works as quite ordinary and boring. However, I know that each step at a time, patiently will definitely improve me.

      When I shared this with few of my friends, some appreciated it a lot and some said that the flow wasn’t right or something, that I now don’t remember clearly. I believe that few poetry are not meant to deal with flow or vocabulary. They just come out the way they are supposed to.

      Thanks you so very much, Colin. I appreciate your significant comment 🙂


  2. It was moving! Changed my state of mind after one read! The sensation of hearing the heartbeat, the sight of dreamy eyes, the romance of twining hair, poems, songs, the perfect drizzle – this had all the ingredients of love in perfect proportions which re-emphasizes my belief that you are best when it comes to romantic poetry 🙂
    Stars being more soothing than the moon, the unmusical voices bring the sensual but serene delight. The one name that completes the picture, I am in love with this 😀 Beautiful as ever 🙂

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  3. Delusional obsession. It’s title should have been like Lost and Delirious. Totally not criticising your work. It’s beautiful, as usual.

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    • I know, sweetheart. However, I wouldn’t say that it is delirious. Such moments do happen, but we often fail to realize their value and significance. The poem, depicts the significance of each moment between two lovers, from a normal dusty window to raindrops, from twining a wisp of hair to making love.

      Thank you. ❤


  4. Stay lost because then only you will be found 🙂 found by the right guy at the right moment for all the things to fall in the right places 🙂 I like you and ur writing Kritika aka Phoebe 😀 you got it in you 🙂

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  5. *wow!* I am more than glad I asked you that question otherwise I and your other blogger friends would have missed yet another beautiful piece of your work! It’s love in all together a different way, I just loved it and you’re an amazing writer Kritika! 🙂

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  6. That was truly an amazing composition, Kritika. Like a book that can’t be put down, I read each line, hoping for another and another line. Exquisite!

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