Ten Years Down the Road


Ten years down the road, while finding your old favorite books, your hand will accidentally land on the piles of letters I had written to you, worn down by the time, hidden away from you and the world, continuing with their shallow breathing under the mountain of newly written pages. You’ll choose one letter randomly from the stack, while your body shuddering with realization that you cease to remember us and the memories of me etched into the letters. You will begin to read few lines, and you’ll fathom out the reasons of those scribbled words. As you will continue to read, you will realize that the events that had happened were stupid and that I was immature, but nonetheless, I did love you. The words that you’ll read won’t make any sense, but you will pick up the threads and your eyes will shed a tear of remembrance making the sight all blurry.
The love will travel slowly in your body and bones, and you will miss me more than you ever did.

Ten years down the same road, while rummaging through my closet, the well organized piles of clothes will fall down making a view for my eyes to see the jute pursue hidden beneath the multiple layers of clothes. My hands would reach the purse with frayed edges, however, still protecting my most precious belonging.  The silence around will let me hear my heartbeats remembering you. Taking out that black and white photograph of yours, the one you gave me when the situation was in our favor. My heart will skip a beat and the eyes will roll down the tear settled at the corner, when they will look fixedly at the photograph of you. I’ll look vividly at the long neck, that big nose, those deep and dark eyes, some stubble and will wonder how you are. Kissing the photograph I’ll leave imprints of my lips and moisture of my tears that will continue to roll down, till someone will knock on the door of my room asking me to hurry up.
The same love will rush through my veins and skin, and I will miss you terribly than I ever did.

Eventually we both will realize that the road had bumps and that we had fallen. We tried to help each other, to hold hands, but we had fallen quite far, and your hand couldn’t hold mine and my hand couldn’t reach yours. The only way to bestir ourselves was to stand up all alone and to complete the rest of the journey without holding each other’s hand.
Our hearts keeping alive the love and our souls still coupled.

-Kritika Vashist

(PS. That piece of art is a painting by me, reflecting Radha and Krishna, the eternal lovers as per Hindu mythology.)

63 thoughts on “Ten Years Down the Road

  1. Ten years down the road. *sigh*. Applause for expressing so well. The whole scene moved in front of the eyes like seeing it happening for real. Everything similar, yet the differences that are created take somethings away from us. The truly beautiful painting of eternal love compliments your post perfectly. I have so much to say to admire this post that it will start sounding redundant 😀
    That drop of tear after the realization of missing and being missed – that is something worth waiting for ten or maybe even more years. An adorable post in every way 🙂

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  2. Very nicely written…. But I cant help but think 10 years is quite long tym. Well I am still a strong believer if fatum…. maybe its not a road but a river….
    Ryt not someone known or unknown is moving towards us
    and will bump us on the next bend??
    I m new at this so pardon me for if I have said anything….
    Lastly exquisite eyes in the painting they r mesmerizing

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  3. I think in essence we wrote the same story. i did wrote long ago and then ripped it apart for it to land in the dustbin and get decomposed later. Everything has a end. the only difference in luxury is how it does. i ripped it apart to get decomposed or else it could have been saved among the piles of other paper to get decomposed later when this world end. Our action defines memories.
    You wrote it well!! i liked it.

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  4. i dunno but when I started reading this till the para where I realize that love was long lost and the two people had moved on in their lives. But i was actually expecting it to be something like a 10 years old marriage which has come to a standstill where the two people have forgotten the way they fell in love with each other. These gifts and the way they feel about them is a reminder that they can surely try to get back, only if they both want to.
    Just wanted to share this, may be a positive end! Wonderfully written, the feel was truly amazing 🙂

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  5. Kritika the sketch & the poem are so very very beautiful 🙂 One of my close friend had gifted me a sketch of Radha Krishna & I will definitely find the image I have in laptop and share that with you 🙂 I am so happy that I visited your site today and am reading and feeling all your words & posts 🙂 Thank you for all this !!

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