Thoughts wander day and night
The world talked, making no sense.
The self looked into its reflection
the one that spoke less and right.

– Kritika Vashist


26 thoughts on “Reflection

    • I have created two pages for art work and photographs separately, but I cannot seem to publish a post on those pages. I would have to update the page and add more pictures to it, and to me it will look quite vague.
      I guess, my statement was not phrased correctly. 🙂

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      • Hi Kritika – If I am understanding your situation correctly, you cannot create a Post against a Page. You can only create a Post against your Blog. If you want to separate the Posts within your Blog, you do it by Category.
        I had exactly that scenario with my 3 Pages “Dog Stories”, “Just Thinking” and “Dear Diary”. Posts against those topics are in the respective Categories. The Pages can only be edited/updated, deleted or added.

        Hope that helps. Colin.

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      • Yes, I think that it’s impossible to “post” on a page (well, at least on free WP websites). Your best bet of organizing your posta would be through the use of categories.

        I have created a “contents” page and it has sub pages such as “mental math” and “Problems and Puzzles” which list my blog posts on those categories. Although I haven’t updated those pages for a while…

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