8000 Miles


My hands longing to hold your arms
that make the safest home for me
loathe these miles that keep me
away from the warmth of your hugs.

My eyes wanting to be read by you
shed a tear while watching the sky
above us knowing that you are looking
at the sun right now remembering me.

My ink not letting me pen down any
word any emotion that I feel tonight
as my soul is wishing to just sit by
the lake and talk to you in silence.

I hear the whispers of my sobbing heart
trying to comfort me with words you had
once spoken to me, that even though
we are miles apart, our souls have crossed
and that this love is more than the costly
tickets and thousand miles separating us.

-Kritika Vashist


19 thoughts on “8000 Miles

  1. Dear Kritika,
    I have cherished the feelings, moments of beauty, and sad moments with and of a close friend. We have parted our ways for reasons that float invisible in-between us. We have silenced our communication-faults on both sides. We now only have our memories and emotions in our minds and our hearts. I often hope that we are still communicating on some other level or dimension that we our not consciously aware of at this time. I hope that anyone who has been separated from a cherished one is able to keep their cherished one firmly in their minds as a way to have a virtual shoulder to lean on.
    Sam Sutlive.

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