True Acceptance


You walk the road with those
you believe wish good for you.

Each step that you take
walking in the shoes they say
that invite acceptance from them.

Each word that you speak
learning from those who disguise
themselves as the most truthful.

Each glance that you take
through the shallow reflection
from the glass facade they wear.

Each smile that you fake
aching the skin around your mouth
to be a part of their world of acceptance.

You keep walking their road
wanting to be accepted by them.

Your hands shake holding the drink
you always hated, forcing yourself
you gulp it down your throat while
your heart gulps another regret, silently.

Your skin feels like an innocent prisoner
suffocating behind the bars built by the
self-proclaimed righteous who rule the
world of acceptance you want to be in.

With the same sound of steps and words
you enter the place you call home, that
accepts you unconditionally and lovingly.

You put off weight that you carried
and look at the mirror, showing the dirt
you foolishly picked while walking the
road taking to their world of acceptance.

You bend more to see the true reflection
of your contemplative eyes, insight-fully
and you realize that their shine has been
lost in the blurring iniquitous light they
throw on them only to mislead you.

In silence, you hear the cries of your heart
and you realize that the only thing that
matters the most is to accept yourself truly
in all shades of life, for every inch of your skin.

– Kritika Vashist

13 thoughts on “True Acceptance

  1. Great message Kritika.
    Now how does one spread that simple philosophy when multinational industries with “million dollar” advertising budgets are spreading quite the opposite message? I don’t expect you to have an answer, but it is an interesting question to ponder.

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  2. Amazing words, force us to stop and have a second look at the path we walk convincing ourselves to be the one made for us. I see it as keeping one’s individuality which very easily gets lost in our pursuit of ‘acceptance’ by those who hardly matter to us.
    Just today I met an old friend who now works as a consultant and has to attend many corporate parties. The problem – he doesn’t drink. On being asked if he is mocked by his colleagues he replied, “Karne de. Darte hain kya” 🙂 Your poetry re-enforced some lovely words of wisdom 🙂

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    • Precisely said. I have seen many struggling to be accepted by those who don’t matter.
      We should have confidence in ourselves just like your friend has in himself. Even I have been asked to taste or have it in parties, but I proudly say that I am a teetotaler.
      This one time, when everybody wanted to raise a toast, I had asked the waiter to fill the vodka shot with water. Except a couple of friends sitting beside me, nobody else knew it and then I acted like I am drunk and after seeing their surprised look, I told them that it had water 😛
      Thank you, Prateek! 🙂

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      • “we can still be what we actually are” – This is such an important statement to make, to understand, and to ponder.
        The complications are often determining who you actually are because showing a mask/disguise/facade to appease others (modifying your behavior to reflect perceived expectations of others) can often distance you from the “real” you. i.e. You really are unsure who you really are!
        The first step however is to recognize that you do in fact have a unique personality, and then try and reacquaint yourself with it!

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      • With time and experiences we get to know more about ourselves, but just to please the world, we become ignorant and pretend to be what the world wants to see. Yes, I agree that we are unsure, however, there always are certain things that we don’t change when we are with ourselves because we know in our hearts that this is who we really are, even if we hide it from everyone else.

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