A Gentle Tea-se



41 thoughts on “A Gentle Tea-se

      • On thinking about it, I find it true. These brands are like Salman Khan movies. People will buy shit because of the name XD
        I was always told by parents that they’ll have to send me to the mental asylum of Agra and I had reserved the Taj trip for that time. (Cheap ways of saving money)
        Still waiting for the call from there :/

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      • Haha. Like Chetan Bhagat’s stupid nonsense stories except half girlfriend, because to be honest, I find the imagination quite romantic.
        They don’t treat, they torture, I can guess after seeing the movie, “Kyon ki” Oh no, Salman bhai ke movie ha 😛
        I would rather run away to a place where people like us are accepted 😀

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      • Too bad ‘half girlfriend’ is probably one of his two books I haven’t read 😀 And this reminded me of a comment when a blogger compared my writing to his. I still don’t know if it was a compliment or a sign shouting ‘Stop writing! Now.”
        And chalo fir IHC. The air conditioned galleries are the place to be 😉

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      • Must be a jealous guy!
        I called his imagination romantic, writing is still mediocre. Hope you are not a fan 😛

        Or Huaz Khaz Village. Sitting there while it is raining lightly and watching the greenery and oh that lake in the deer park. I love that place. Sadly, people who go their all dressed up and to get drunk in any of the bars make it ugly. People like Honey Singh and those high heels and pathetic make up girls- Ewww!
        Oh, I realize, I am bitching too much right now!

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      • Haha! Thank you.
        And no, I am not a fan. I wonder if he has no fans, how did he become the best seller? Like the GDP, it seems to grow without any improvement on ground (Raghuram Rajan’s words) 😛
        And I have been to Hauz Khas village just once. I wanted to sit the fort beside the lake but as soon as I found the place, a guard came and told me its time to close.
        So no encounter with the subjects of the bitching 😀
        But yes, the winds at the fort were serene 🙂

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      • That was an appropriate example! I am impressed 😀
        That place has a lot of things and stories. You would know about the spaces people get there. In case you do not, I’ll tell you about it in a chat not here 😛
        Nonetheless, the place is freaking awesome. You were getting bored, right? Go visit it again and a bit early this time 😛 Baarish me he maza aata ha waha! ^_^

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  1. hey .. hi … saw you at a friends post .. and truly speaking .. its like i fell in live with the way you think and describe with your words .. and designing again … terrific … majestic ….. i will feel honored to be in your followers list …..

    by a stranger …. 🙂

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