The wind whipped through the stage
bestrewed with blood and lifeless bodies
that dared to stand against the hatred,
smelled of their bloodthirsty revenge.

The windows of the schools that had
painted the colorful future of innocents
on the walls of gratitude and peace,
broken down by their malevolence.

The noises of their guns and false morality,
slitted the eyes and the voice of humanity.
The sky that once wore a rainbow of happiness,
veiled behind the stains of blood of innocence.

– Kritika Vashist

This is in response to the free writing challenge given by Geethu. You can know about the challenge here.
To be honest, I took more than 10 minutes. I took around 15 minutes, because I had to complete the poem. Apologies for breaking the rule, Geethu.

(When I read the word innocence, I thought of childhood, happiness and carefree days. I thought I’d write about it, but it would have taken me to a road where I would realize how time and responsibilities took away our innocence. Maybe I was not in a mood to write about it. As I started to type, I realized that time and difficulties do snatch away our innocence, but what about those who never got a chance to live their innocence? And I was ready to pen down my words. Also, I am not attaching any picture to this post because I do not have courage to look through grievous pictures.)

34 thoughts on “Innocence

  1. A striking and poignant voice comes from this poem. Such a clear voice for the innocent rises above the malevolent false morality that preys on the innocent. Well done Kritika.

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