Tonight I am too Tired


Tonight my moon hides behind the gloomy clouds
Tonight the stars do not reflect the twinkle in my eyes
Tonight I am too tired to heart myself out, just like them.

Tonight I am too tired to paint you with my ink
To rain your memories through my teary eyes
To savor your scent etched into your letters.

Tonight my mind is too slothful to be lost in thoughts
Tonight my veins are too murky to carry my thin blood
Tonight my skin is too weary to breathe in melancholy.

Tonight my pen is too tired to sing me lullabies
Tonight the silence is too tired to envelope me
Tonight I am too tired to put myself to sleep.

– Kritika Vashist


This is in response to Prateek’s Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. Thank you Prateek for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

The challenge is – “Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge”

My Nomination for Day 1 is HBhatnagar  who takes all challenges with much enthusiasm. All the best, Himanshu.

30 thoughts on “Tonight I am too Tired

  1. For a moment I thought YOU ARE SERIOUS & TIRED either due to extra fun of weekend(which I know is not true) or posting so many blogs(which again I know is not true) and then it was all crystal clear !! You wrote it wonderfully Girl 🙂 “To rain your memories through my teary eyes” was the best !!

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  2. What a lovely response to the challenge even when you were tired 😀 The first thing I noticed was the letter ‘T’ at the beginning of every line! I don’t know if it is, but this one sounded a very real reflection of your thoughts at the moment.
    The first para itself reflected today’s weather and its effect. And after that it was just too difficult to not get lost in your words. Awesome photo and the poem!
    P.S. Is it your wall with the green texture? Its great 😀

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