I wonder

What have I settled for?
Ink in my pen or the words.

What have I accomplished?
Their smiles or my unheard cries

Where have I escaped?
To another planet or the one inside me.

What have I longed for?
Their love or mine own.

Where have I hidden myself?
In seclusion or loneliness.

What have I lost?
Time or my mind.

What have this life decided?
I wonder.

Kritika Vashist

41 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. The miller on the river Dee had the answer….
    “There was a jolly Miller once
    Lived on the river Dee
    He sang at work from dusk till dawn
    No lark more blithe than he
    And this the burthen of his song
    Forever used to be
    “I care for nobody, not I!
    If no one care for me!””

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