I thought why there is a need to search google images when I have one picture of myself 🙂 

Kritika Vashist


58 thoughts on “Hers

  1. Why indeed! Those are beautifully expressive and mysterious eyes, made all the more mysterious by the lack of other facial features. One can only guess at the stories behind them.The nose, mouth, cheek contours etc. can say so much but, without them, we can only imagine! A study of a mystery in black & white. Great idea! 🙂

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  2. नैनोंकी भाषा नैनाही जाने
    जो पढ़ले नैनोंको, वो नैना दीवाने
    नैनोंमे राझ, कुछ अनकहे गहरे
    जो देखते समज जाये, वो नैना बावरे

    Needless to say but let me tell you Kritika, you look beautiful. 🙂

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  3. There is so much more than the natural beauty of your eyes expressed in the picture. The mystery is illuminated and we see a glimpse of the spirit behind those expressive eyes. The words set the stage for the image’s appreciation. Well done, Kritika! 🙂

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