Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! You registered on WordPress.com 2 years ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

Today happens to be the day when I introduced myself to the blogging world. I wasn’t active initially and did not follow or have followers. Eventually, I interacted with so many amazing people here, whom now I call friend and is like a family to me. Thank you for your support, appreciation and encouragement. I shall continue to pour my heart out here and I hope if not all, few do listen.

The tick tick of the clock 
The tap tap of the keyboard
The scritch scritch of the pen
Would never cease. 


Kritika Vashist

122 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations Kritika 😀 Keep writing and the Soul of the nib of your pen may live forever 😛 I was also not active in the beginning months of joining WP, but now it’s difficult to stay even 1 day away 😀

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  2. Congratulations dear Kritika!!! We are all celebrating since you are a source of inspiration for many of us, so Thank you!!


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