Mystical Rumi (I)


“Sit, be still, and listen,
because you’re drunk
and we’re at
the edge of the roof.”
― Rumi

So, I was nominated by Midnight Shadow and Gail for my second quote challenge. I am posting it again because I love quotes. Thank you very much, Gail and MS.
However, this time I am going to post RUMI’s quotes only.

To stimulate my brain, aching with nuisance this world throws at you, I went to the bookstore and read a book on Rumi’s poetries, and after reading a couple of poems, each vein in my body, all my senses knew nothing but the words he had spoken. I wanted to buy two of his books, but if only my pocket had allowed me. Buy me one on my birthday in case you are planning to gift me something? (Okay, jokes apart!)
I am calling him mystical, because he indeed is. Therefore, the quote challenge will be posted as “Mystical Rumi”.

I hope you enjoy the quotes that I will share with you all.

– Kritika Vashist

19 thoughts on “Mystical Rumi (I)

  1. Wow! I can’t believe how long it’s been since i read something by Rumi…i used to read him like a crazy person when i was in school. Thanks a ton for reminding me of him.
    Here’s a blog i used to follow that has posted almost all of his poetry along with English translations by multiple writers:
    It was hugely famous, so may be you’ve heard of it already but if you haven’t you’ll be delighted with the collection.

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