Life is a Cassette


Whenever you feel that life
Is singing a monotonous song
Of worn out pensiveness
Of pinching melancholics;
Pause for a moment and know
That life is like a cassette
Playing the songs
Of our unvoiced stories
Of all our unsung poetries
Of new hopes and dreams
You just need to change to
The other side of the cassette
To listen to the song of your soul.

– Kritika Vashist


52 thoughts on “Life is a Cassette

    • If someone will ask me, I would honestly say, YES. I have been through dark phases, failures and melancholy, it isn’t completely over yet, but every day you try to find reasons and ways to get out of it. I realized this fact a couple of days back and penned it down today in like 5 minutes. It is so hard, looks almost impossible when you are there, but if you have to make your life worth of all the pain you have gone through, you will have to turn to the other side. I know I wrote a lot, Lol, but I hope Izza it gives you some power to start unfolding the good things stored for you. Love and hugs ❤


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