An Unanswered Question

There is a question
A question never answered
Like a beautiful butterfly
That nobody ever captured
I have spent my life
Finding the answer
I have spent my life
Living with it; living for it.

They stop me and they say
There is no direction and no gate
But I believe that some day
My mind won’t be blind
My heart won’t shudder and
The butterfly will come and sit
When I have drawn all the light
Listening to the soul within.

-Kritika Vashist

38 thoughts on “An Unanswered Question

  1. The butterfly is always elusive and a beautiful analog for the question never answered. I’ve used butterflies in one of my songs, and its beauty and delicate wings serve as wonderful imagery, as it has served in your wonderful poem.

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  2. Butterflies can be a symbol for so much. I love how you use the lightness of it in your poem. I use butterflies on my books and quotes as a symbol of transformation and liberation. Wonderful poem, Kritika!

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