Late Night Thoughts (Second Chance)


There will be a night when you would feel worthless, and you would think that there is no meaning to your life anymore. Your body would shudder and your lips would quiver in fear of being alive. You would think how will you survive another day? You would think maybe tomorrow will be worse than today, and you will again regret for not ending it the first time the thought came to your mind, that had coagulated all your hopes and potential.

And then with your trembling hands, you would open the drawer of your study and take out the paper-cutter or the scissor to stop everything at once; every pain, every disappointment, every reason, every hope and all your fears. You would place it on your wrist, and you would stare at the veins travelling from your wrist to your heart. You would think how delicate life is, and how God exposed the veins to heart while designing the body, letting us see the roots and veiling its branches with the skin.

At first you would cut if softly, because it isn’t easy, and nothing would happen. You would give it a second try thinking it is hard and painful, but it isn’t impossible and that you have to do it, for your life has become a mess. While placing the cutter on your wrist, you would pause for a moment and ask yourself; if you can give this a second chance, why you cannot give it to yourself?

Hello, everyone. I am starting with a series- Late Night Thoughts; relating to thoughts that our mind speaks in the silence of the night.

-Kritika Vashist

50 thoughts on “Late Night Thoughts (Second Chance)

  1. Kritika, that was one of the best posts I have ever read from you. This is so powerful and deeply insightful. I am amazed how you built up the desperation and with the last sentense you gave it all THE twist. Amazing!!! What an impacting last sentence. You are great!

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  2. You couldn’t have possibly expressed it any better. It takes immense strength to pen down something so intense, painful and yet beautiful. Wonderful post, so pure. I wish you all the strength and happiness in life.

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  3. Hey Kritika,
    First of all let me tell you “All the best” for your Late Night Thoughts series.

    You wanted to
    Cut the veins
    Relieve all the pain?
    Are you insane
    Said your brain.
    Your thoughts
    With your mind
    Giving yourself
    A Second Chance.

    The other day you posted a quote by Charles Bukowski about “a writer being desperate” and i can see it in your writing today;)


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