Late Night Thoughts – (The Puzzle)

My life always has been perplexing; perhaps, a jigsaw puzzle, and I am trying to put different pieces into right places, sometimes to give it some sense, and sometimes to see what it turns out to be. However, putting a piece in its right place isn’t as easy as everybody around me told. There were nights when I struggled to give my fatigued eyes some rest, because my thoughts refused to sleep. However, a night of absolute persuasiveness came by, and I could let the bleak thoughts slip away in the pure silence of the night. I realized that the pieces of my puzzle are not at one place, that they never were, but they are always around me.

I continued to move my pen over the plain white sheet, and did not regret if a line bended between or the ink clogged. For some reason, I always believe that I’ll make something out of it, and that a mistake might lead to a much beautiful piece of art that couldn’t have been possible without unintentional clogs or bends.

I finished my piece without doubting my ideas and capabilities only to realize that I will only be able to pick the pieces of puzzle if I keep walking, as far as I can, as long as I can, and if I happen to pick wrong pieces, not once but many times, I should not worry and keep moving. Instead of thinking about the wrong pieces that I mistakenly took hold of, and that I failed at finding the right ones, I must look at the puzzle with careful fore-thoughtful planning.

The next morning I showed my art work to a friend who fairly appreciated, unknown of the hidden imprints of clogs and bends under the artistic lines. That’s how life is.

-Kritika Vashist

23 thoughts on “Late Night Thoughts – (The Puzzle)

  1. ” a mistake might lead to a much beautiful piece of art that couldn’t have been possible without unintentional clogs or bends.” Love this!! Makes me think how we are all the sum of all our experiences. And everyone is beautiful in their own way because of this. Beautiful.

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  2. You are like CEO in Corporate s
    Thanedar in police station

    Don in goons

    Radha in gopies

    Harish chandra in kings

    Krishna in chaliyas

    Pm in country

    Queen in bloggers

    And many more examples i can give
    If you allow me.

    Simply perfectly awesome.

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    • Aw-shucks! Haha. I haven’t read such words for me before. That’s very kind of you. I don’t think I deserve such praises, but I’m glad that my work is recognised. Thank you very much for your generous remark. 🙂

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  3. I second Will here 🙂 Some are different and not difficult. If difficult, okay, not impossible. And as the saying goes, BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER. Similarly, appreciation comes from the appreciative ones, who sees the concluded part but also the hard work & the effort put behind it 🙂

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