Born To Fly


This is subject to the thought on how women are sometimes expected to let go their dreams, or to put the needs of others before their own. This has nothing against the idea of marriage, but as observed, women, unwillingly give up on things they want to do, because they are compelled to live within the boundaries of marriage and responsibilities.

The next step after you have acquired the knowledge and resources is to put them to use, not to live with regrets of, “If I could have…”

Marriage is not the only event in life that is important and fulfilling. You were born to find yourself, to live the life you have been blessed with, and if that goes to waste, there is no meaning of life.

-Kritika Vashist


47 thoughts on “Born To Fly

  1. Hey Kritika!
    Amazing thought and I completely agree with you..
    Women on this earth are not servants for men!
    They do have a Life and they should Live it to the Fullest!!

    I really liked this Post!!

    Keep Smiling! 🙂

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    • Hey Akiraa – Don’t you think that is a little one sided? Are you aware that many men are coerced into careers they don’t want? Get married because that’s what one does? Stresses out with a career in order to fulfill their obligations as financial provider for their family. There is a reason why the average lifespan of a male is shorter than that of a female.

      A totally agree that women should never be servants to men, but men should also have freedoms from cultural and parental expectations. :).

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      • Hey there,
        I agree with you but don’t you think that women have to sacrifice much more then man! I guess you’re from India then I hope you know what what it goes like from Sati to Purdah System and yes Purdah system is still prevalent in some areas. Ladies in mid East are not even supposed to step out. They have so many restrictions. Women are only supposed to do what their man says. Why do they not dream?? Or its something that they are not allowed to dream?? Yea I know men sometimes have to do something which they don’t like but it’s not something really great as the suppression Women face.

        Look fortunetly I have never been through such situation,I have amazing parents! So I can’t comment much about it nor you have been through such a situation so maybe we can’t comment much about it.


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      • I agree with everything you said.I was not trying to make a comparison, but merely drawing attention to the fact that men cannot do whatever they want either. While the expectations on them in many cultures (perhaps all cultures) is not to the same degree as women, there are expectations and obligations. Have a great day Akiraa. Your Posts are always interesting and thought provoking. Colin.


      • To Colin and Akiraa,
        I read your comments and understand your perspectives. Colin, I know you were not making a comparison, and I agree that even men has to sacrifice a lot to fulfill his financial needs, but now when both genders wish to be treated equally, the burden on the male must be shifted to female as well. Now that would bring a different debate or discussion. As Akiraa said, In East Asia women are expected to get married as soon as they get a job, to have a family and make babies. However, time is changing, and so do the notions of the society. I here intended to bring to notice that marriage isn’t the ultimate goal and purpose of life.

        Thank you for reading and for your insightful comments, Colin and Akiraa.

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