Psycho Alert!

Few months back I shared with you all how my recent search items on the blog mentioned that someone searched for, “Kritika name on boys hand,” “Kritika tattoo”. The boy still doesn’t know how to get the name tattooed, or perhaps he is afraid of the needle. It freaks me out realizing that it’s been more than 6 months and he is still not over her, or she still hasn’t accepted his love or weirdness, whatever one may call it.

To that guy who does this, Dude, carve the word weird on your hand, because she is not getting impressed by your idea, and instead read my melancholic poems if you like poetry. I bet that it won’t be a stupid idea!

Apart from this important information, I want thank everyone who takes out time, reads and comments on my posts. Since the time I have got busy with work to an extent where I just find enough time to complete work, eat and sleep, I have realized that how appreciable it is to read someone’s work and say kind words. Thank you all. Big hugs and love.
(If this message makes me a psycho, then the title to this post could not have been better.)

-Kritika Vashist


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