Late Night Thoughts- The Road


Sometimes I wonder what if I have walked the road everyone thought was the only way to reach a place that seemed almost same in everyone’s eyes and gave almost the same perspective. Would life have been less difficult?Would I have been less troubled? Would the journey have been easy?
Sometimes I wonder what if I have chosen the conventional way to live a life, feeling alive despite being reticent about everything around. Would there have been someone to walk with, someone who could imbue the emptiness on the street…someone who could fill the silence between the imaginary walls? Would I have taken another turn in anticipation?

I don’t know where the road that I chose will lead me to. Will it be the mountains that I ever wanted to touch, or an ocean I always wanted to swim in, or nowhere. But I’m sure that the road I didn’t choose would have taken me to an insipid place, where they all go, losing themselves through a vile journey, and I’m sure that’s not where I ever wanted to be and ever want to be.

– Kritika Vashist

10 thoughts on “Late Night Thoughts- The Road

  1. Hi Kritika – Your road can take you wherever you want it to go. Of course there may be diversions, just as there will undoubtedly be challenges, but follow your own road anyway. If others think it’s the wrong road for you, ignore them. They could well be right, but they could just as easily be wrong. Have the strength to follow your own road and be the unique person that you most certainly are. 🙂

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  2. Very deep thoughts. I agree, walking a road everyone walks can never fulfill because it is not the own road. Then again, even when walking that same road, it is not the same. Because you walk it differently.

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