A Box

It’s important to have a box
with a lock to safely store
all things that now have
turned into mere memories
like a broken tube light, barely flickering.

A box to mould our vulnerabilities
into unsympathetic stare
at the old worn out things,
lying unperturbed.

A box to relocate all our heaviness,
making space for new,
but never the same,
so that we don’t have to carry
them on our chest, throughout.

A box to dust down after years,
to realize that
what we have of ourselves now
is more than what was once taken away.

-Kritika Vashist


11 thoughts on “A Box

  1. Wonderful! Yes, this box is such a helpful tool to get a break from all the things which get thrown towards us and over time with our growing experience we find that box again and often see things inside we grew over.

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