I Shall Lie Beneath The Ocean



It’s Better That You Understand

It’s better that you understand
the waves wash away the sand off your feet
and sometimes brings back the things once meant to be lost
and that the sky lies only at the end

It’s better for you to loose the grip
your hands are bruised
the string has frayed
the more you hold the more you’ll slip

It’s better that you sit by yourself at the coffee shop
as she boarded the bus
the dirt has settled too
and there is no point in waiting at the bus stop

It’s better you silence all your emotionally stressed nights
a star in the sky was what she always was
but the twinkling is now a spark of fire burning inside
let the pinned memories in the sky stay out of your sight

It’s better for you to travel where the wind takes you
now that all the candles have blown out
every regret and every sorrow has been met
it’s time to shrug them off in a way you always knew

Your tea is cold
your head still spinning
from the last night heavy drink
She’s gone and you’ve become old
and you haven’t yet realized any

So it’s better to fold back the unfinished letter
because something are complete
in knowing an exit without an end.

– Kritika Vashist