The Sky That Was

The sky that was blue yesterday
is now strewed with the color of blood
and the God above is stifling
in the smoke from the bombs
and ashes from the fire
burning outside his visible residence
burning inside untainted souls
sabotaged by those in oblivion
while the noise of the guns
echoing with the silent prayers
is deafening the God above the sky that was…

The validity and worth of every space
that a human and his shadow occupies
is in the asseveration of the verses
those reprobates would never perceive
and while all those humans in peril
search for another sky
the one that is fair and brighter,
the silence of the peace and
the tumult of violence
tell that the heaven is not far
but the hell is here, where
no one will again witness the sky that was…

Bewailing the loss when the eyes would
look at a piece of the starry sky
stars would turn into countless tiny graves
and we won’t be looking either
at the God or the past
but the future that moves no further
than the sky that was…

– Kritika Vashist


10 thoughts on “The Sky That Was

  1. This world is but a place where graves are dug. That makes this world a selfless slave. Because this world is never going to be a better place to live in.
    The corruption is within us. Though God from beyond the skies watches us being corrupt, He has given us the will power so as to choose_Him, the good or Devil, the evil.
    It’s impossible that which we choose is not possible.
    Why blame God for our wrong choices?


    • Hi, Saiz. I think you took me wrong here. The mention of God stifling and deafening indicates that the ones who claim to protect God are the ones who has made him suffocate in his own place. The God feels helpless seeing how people couldn’t understand what he actually teaches. The sky is the place where we all believe he resides, and these reprobates minds have taken away that.


      • Hello.
        No, I took no offence upon you. You have been right by every word you carved.
        I just made a point by putting forth a question from your side.
        I think you took me wrong. Is it?


      • Oh. Then I would have to say that of course, there’s no logic in blaming God. It’s all what humans have done to humanity. It’s unfortunate to witness a bloodshed when God never instructed, however, those very people shield themselves quoting that he does say.
        It isn’t just the recent attack, but the constant blasts in Iraq. The more I read, the more terrible I feel.

        I pray that God gives strength to victims and does justice.

        Eid Mubarak, Saiz.


      • Humanity has suffered because of us, humans.
        And when I look around for the best creation of God, I find no thing better than a human being.
        But, war can never be justified. One cannot justify killing, even though it means giving one’s own life as long as one believes in God.
        To be precise and honest, its not about Iraq, or Gaza, or Paris, or Syria, or Baghdad, or Medina, or Pakistan, or India or the whole world.
        Its about the importance of a single life.
        What has to happen will happen.
        The point is not about saving a life, the point is how can one dare to take someone’s life.
        Why does one has to feel terrible and be afraid about living when this world is given to us to live?

        God says in Quran, “You kill one man, and you have killed the whole of the humanity.”
        God says in Bible, “You shall not commit adultery, You shall not murder, You shall not steal, You shall not covet,” and any other commandment, are summed up in this word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
        God says in Gita, “1. Do good deeds and don’t worry about the fruits. 2. And this world is but a temporary place.”
        And that’s what I believe in the most.
        “This world is never going to be a better place. We are nearing destruction, the Doom’s Day.”
        But, first we need to understand the concept of God to be able to believe in this fact that whatever good or evil is taking place in this world is happening so, by the will of God alone. And why is God watching all this happen is the question of the hour.
        As far as I believe, its because God wants to separate the people of heaven from the people of hell.
        What’s your say?

        “You kill one, and you are a murdered.”
        “You kill many, and you are ignorant and impudent.”
        “You kill all, and you are God.”
        That’s why He is God.

        Thanks so much for the well-wishing.
        Have a nice time writing things that matter to be told.
        Just like this one.


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