Giving VOICE to my poetry

Hello to the one who’s reading this!

Hope you are doing well and keeping safe. While a lot changed during the pandemic, and things still remain uncertain, I am sure that all of us discovered something within ourselves. 

The thing I found, or if I could say, the thing that found me during this period is recitation. I had never really believed my voice to be good enough for spoken word. However, I let it get into me only to realize that I love doing it. I believe that it does add some value to the words I write. It’s indeed fulfilling.

So, here is me, sharing with you my YouTube Channel where I will uploading my Spoken Word Poems, both in English and Hindi. 

Here’s something sweet like candy for you to listen to – Two Kids at a Candy Store 

If you would like, you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel and you’ll be notified whenever I make my poetry LIVE on the platform. 

Please do listen and drop your comments! Let me know if you like it or how can I make it better. I would love to know your thoughts! 

Thank you!

Yours truly                                                            Kritika Vashist