Dear Self 

Dear Self,

Don’t put yourself between the ending of this year and the beginning of a new and judge yourself. Even if no one else sees it, you know how much you have grown as a person this year. You know about all your little achievements, and it doesn’t matter if they are insignificant to others. You lived through all the sadness that came into your life when you lost your loved ones. You broke down but you also got back on your feet. You realized that enduring any kind of toxicity from people or work is not worth anything. You traveled to find yourself and to realize the power you have in you to rebuild yourself. And remember how you are turning your loneliness into solitude with the little steps that you have started to take for yourself? You became more forgiving. You gave yourself the time you needed and didn’t force yourself to become someone you are not. You did fulfill the promise of being more honest about how you feel. You gave a lot of fucks for a while because you cared and later chose to care more about yourself and not give any.

The baggage you had carried for so long only made your shoulders strong. It has been so great to see you not giving in and going with the herd. This journey has been tough and so have you. You made some good friends along the way. Some left without a goodbye. But I’m glad that you never left your side. You have you, and that’s more than enough.

It’s all right if you couldn’t do all the things, you had planned this year. It’s all right that you took a break from a few of your goals. It’s all right that you missed some deadlines. Nothing could have been more important than giving yourself some time and space to breathe freely.

Even if no one says it, know that I’m proud of you. Don’t rewind to count the misses but the blessings. Don’t put any kind of pressure on yourself to party, or to take yourself to the hills to celebrate the new year. Lay down. Get lazy if you want. Soak in the sun or snuggle up in a blanket. Do nothing, maybe. You have done a lot this year.

Love and Prayers đŸŒ»